Video .. Abu Trika reveals the reason for not analyzing the matches of the Egyptian teams and the national team via BN Sport


Muhammad Abu Trika, the star of Egypt and revealedAhly The previous, on the reasons for not analyzing the matches of the Egyptian teams on the BBC Sport channel.

The Pyramids and Berkane Maghribi match will now be held in the final of the Confederation, held at Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat.

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A conversation took place inside the analytical studio of the Wolverhampton and Newcastle match between the trio Mohamed Saadoun Al-Kuwari and Mohammed Abu Trika And Tariq Diab, he started from Al-Kuwari, who confirmed that Muhammad Abu Trika had training certificates even though he did not pursue the training field.

Muhammad Abu Trika added, during his presence in the analytical studio for the match between Wolverhampton and Newcastle, on the BN Sport channel, in response to Muhammad Saadoun Al-Kuwari, who was with him: “I do not like that my fate is linked to the feet of others.”

Tariq Diab told him: “You were controlling the fate of the coaches with your feet.”

Abu Trika continued his speech, saying: “Therefore, I do not analyze the matches of the Egyptian teams or the Egyptian national team (let us be better in the European Corona).”

Tariq Diab concluded the conversation, praising the personality of Muhammad Abu Trika, saying, “Trika has a strong personality and can be a good coach.”

Mohammed Abu Trikas statements in BN Sport

Mohammad Abu Traikah


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