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Friday 02 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

The artist, Mona Abdel-Ghani, expressed her anger at the accusation made by Rami Ezzedine Barakat’s lawyer, the half-brother of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and his only heir, to her son Karim, Haitham’s close friend, for disposing of and selling one of the late artist’s cars, unlawfully.

Mona told “ET in Arabic” that she does not allow anyone to put her name in any case, while her lawyer Alaa Abed said that they are waiting for Haitham Zaki’s heirs to apologize for the charges brought against them without any evidence.

The story goes back to when lawyer Bilal Abdul-Ghani accused “Karim”, son of the artist Mona Abdul-Ghani, of disposing and selling one of the late artist’s cars, after he confirmed that he had bought it from him before his departure, saying to the “et in Arabic” program: “He had two Arab women, and when we asked one of them where, it became clear. He has it and he said he bought it from Haitham. “

In the same program, “Mona”, the young man’s mother, confirmed that her son bought that car from Haitham Zaki, saying: “My son Karim bought this car from Haitham, and this issue of papers is decided by the competent judicial authorities and is not replaced by the media media, even if the papers are not in order. I can’t take it. “

The lawyer for the sole heir to Haitham said that the late artist did not receive any money from Karim, and there was no sale or purchase between them, and the written power of attorney was the assignment of the car by Haitham to Karim forged. Real estate workers told me that Haitham’s (Ranger) car was licensed and the ownership was transferred after his death. “

He continued: “Karim returned and paid a sum of money to Rami after he sold the car to one of the exhibitors, and this is evidence of the validity of this incident. If he worked as a power of attorney and paid all the price for it, he would not condemn us money after death, and Karim and the artist Mona Abdel Ghani told her: This is forgery and is a felony and the penal code will be punished.” On this talk, in addition to the fact that it is very bad and you have a name .. She actually intervened and paid a part of the money, but it didn’t go away.

Lawyer Bilal Abdul-Ghani confirmed that he submitted an official report in the Dokki department, in which he demanded to verify the validity of the power of attorney that was made between “Haitham and Karim”, and the other procedures that took place between “Karim” and the car dealership that sold him the car, adding: “Karim forged a power of attorney for Haitham during his lifetime. Haitham without his presence, and issued a second power of attorney based on the forged power of attorney for the owner of the car showroom, and the showroom also sold the car without reference to Haitham’s heir, his brother Rami Ezzedine, and there is an unknown third party who bought the car from the showroom.

Mona Abdel-Ghani responded to these accusations, saying: “The real estate registry, when we can do a power of attorney, must be in the presence of the agent and the client to him, and there is an accurate verification of the client, and Rami’s lawyer was not present in the life of Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and suddenly appeared without introductions asking us for things that are not I will mention it because it is the subject of investigations by the competent authorities, and the coming days will witness the sincerity of my words and the safety of my son’s position, and there is defamation of me and my son Karim.

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