Video – Nisreen Tafesh announces her emotional attachment news


Syrian actress Nasreen Tafesh revealed that she is preparing to announce happy news soon.

In an interview with “The Insider in Arabic”, I will be satisfied with announcing only now about happy news that I am preparing. When Elie Nakhle, the presenter of the program, asked her a question about the identity of the one who kidnapped her heart, she replied, saying: “We are now content with announcing happy news and when the matter is complete I will announce it in detail.” .

It is noteworthy that Nisreen Tafesh is participating in the series “Al-Wajh Al-Akhir”, which is currently shown on the cbc screen, and embodies the character of “Sarah”.

The series “The Other Face” starring Majed Al-Masry, Nasreen Tafesh, Nada Moussa, Heba Al-Abasiri, Madeleine Tabar, Emad Rashad, Caroline Azmy and Muhannad Hosni, the story of Majed Al-Masry, written by Fida Al-Shandawili and directed by Samih Al-Naqqq, and produced by Senergy.

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