Video: Re-launch of the investigation into rape charges against Gerard Depardieu


A judge in Paris is re-investigating accusations of rape against the actor Gerard Depardieu after a request made by the plaintiff refusing to close the first investigation into the case, according to what a source familiar with the file told AFP in an information confirmed by a judicial source.

The plaintiff, a young actress who says she was subjected to multiple rape and sexual abuse in August 2018 at the French cinema star in Paris, re-launched the case after the Paris prosecutor’s office closed the investigation in June 2019.

A lawyer for the representative, Herve Tamim, told AFP, “I have not been informed of the appointment of an investigative judge in the case,” adding, “This is an insignificant event as the decision was issued automatically.”

A judicial source stated that an investigative judge was appointed on August 19 to examine the complaint with a claim of civil right, a process that allows for the appointment of a judge to be appointed almost automatically to restart investigations.

In this way, the investigations into allegations of rape in Paris against the director Luc Besson and the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan were relaunched, also after the initial investigations closed.

On June 4, 2019, the French Public Prosecutor’s Office had completed nine months of the initial investigation into the case, saying that “the many investigations that were conducted” did not allow “to prove the violations referred to in all its aspects” of the crime.

The prosecutor says that the incidents took place in Dar Nijm in Paris, a private hotel in the Sixth Arrondissement in the French capital, on 7 and 13 August 2018.

The police heard the 71-year-old actor.


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