Video .. Sarah Al-Tunisi’s reaction to a young man who confessed his love for her in El-Goun


9:00 pm

Thursday 29 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

A young man posted, through his Facebook account, a video clip of him from the currently held El Gouna Film Festival, during which he appeared while admitting the artist Sarah El-Tunisi to his admiration for her.

During the video, the young artist surprised the artist on the red carpet at the festival, saying: “Sarah, I am in a crush on you,” which prompted her to enter into a hysterical laughter.

The young man named “Ahmed” posted the video on his Facebook account, and commented on it, saying: “She laughed, means her heart is money, and what is good?”

The “El Gouna Film Festival” was launched in its fourth session, last Friday evening, under the slogan “Man and Dream”, which will continue until October 31, with the participation of a large number of art stars in Egypt and the world, while taking all necessary precautions to prevent Coronavirus (Covid) -19); To become the first festival in Egypt and the Arab world to be held since the pandemic.

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