Watch … a woman assaulted her neighbor for changing the Wi-Fi password


Some of the neighbors feed on the Internet of their neighbors, which prompted a woman to attack her neighbor and shout at his door and make threats To him because he changed the password of his wifi network, which you are using without his knowledge.

Often neighbors who live close to each other, especially in apartment buildings and condominiums, often try to steal the wifi from any neighbor close to them if they do not have a network of their own.

It’s usually something unspoken that people try to do in secret, or in rare cases, they might ask Some of them politely about the neighbor’s password to enter the network.

Some people may become very frustrated when their neighbor turns to change his password, but it seems that some type of people does not know how to act exactly in these cases, and even loses control completely, such as this woman.

A video clip recently spread on the application of TikTok causing an uproar after dealing with a strange quarrel between a woman and her neighbor.

The woman was angry because she was unable to log on to the Wi-Fi network, so she began making threats during the video to assault him and kill his dog, while the person stood filming her from behind the door.

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