Watch in detail Ahmed Flux being betrayed by the magic of my lady, who is closest to him


Artist Ahmed Flux vowed to expose everyone who plotted against him, and tried to implicate him in the famous “security personnel” incident that occurred last Ramadan, confirming that he discovered that the incident was planned to eliminate his reputation, and promised to expose the names next week, after completing some legal procedures, Pointing out that he was betrayed and betrayed by the people closest to him, he warned his fans against dealing with any family that used to facilitate their affairs with magic.

Ahmed Flux
Ahmed Flux will reveal the names of those involved in the capture of him

Flux indicated in a lengthy post on his Facebook account that he had been subjected to a lot of injustice, but he was leaving the fate of the oppressor to God to take revenge on him and said: My long life will not cover our Lord. He gets many needs, grievances, and I see a lot, and our Lord always helps me, even though I never knew that I was wronged.

My long life, I will not conceal our Lord! He will obtain many needs, and with many grievances, and I see a lot, and our Lord always supports me, even though I do not know at all …

Published byAhmed FalawksIn Thursday, 29 October 2020

He added: I often asked me what I wanted to do, and they cooled down by separating me because I was lying, but I was bothered that I tried to destroy someone by speaking or distorting, but my success in my work was a response to my question … And so you didn’t care about anything you said.

He continued, saying: I have been told a lot and he said about me almost every thing except for one thing, but they cannot say it because I don’t give charity.

Flux said: But in one case that happened, unfortunately, it was necessary to remain silent until I could answer my right, but I was agonized by it and from the injustice that happened, treachery and many needs related to the incident. Unfortunately, there is a person who, unfortunately, the least thing to say is that he is filthy and slanderous and does not deserve the place in which he was.

And he continued, saying: His reality, the security replied, this incident was all injustice, slander and orchestrated, unfortunately, and it was intended to destroy me. Unfortunately, there is no word to be said about it except that it is destructive and demonic, and they cooled the week. This incident was only the beginning, and it was a plan of many needs to destroy me, from her and from a person to my environment, to destroy me, and to use his work to calculate his sexual relations. Take in your choices and know that treachery, betrayal, and destruction can come from the closest people to let them stay away from any family that they walk with works and magic for people … and because I am relieved that I have taken my right from the worst kinds of people on earth ….

Flux concluded his post by saying: By the end of next week, God willing, injustice will end, and everyone who caused my injustice and hurt me will see in the story these miracles of our Lord and his promise .. my truth is coming

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