Watch Mona Abdel-Ghani’s response to accusing her son of taking Haitham Ahmed Zaki’s car


The artist, Mona Abdel-Ghani, expressed her anger after the accusations were brought through the lawyer Rami Ezzedine Barakat, who was appointed by the half-brother of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, who is his only heir, to her son “Karim”, who is a close friend of “Haitham”, that he acted and sold One of the cars of the late artist without a right.

Watch Mona Abdel-Ghani’s response to accusing her son of taking Haitham Ahmed Zaki’s car

It is also mentioned that Mona confirmed during the “ET in Arabic” program that she would never allow her name to be placed in any case, and her lawyer Alaa Abed said that they are currently waiting for an apology from Haitham Ahmed Zaki’s heirs for all the charges that have been brought against them without any evidence.

The story goes back when lawyer Bilal Abdul-Ghani “Karim”, son of the artist Mona Abdul-Ghani, was accused after he had acted and sold one of the late artist’s cars, and this was after he confirmed that he had bought it from him before he left. It turned out that he had it and he said he bought it from Haitham.

As for the same program, Mona, who is the young man’s mother, confirmed that her son had bought this car from Haitham Zaki, saying, “My son Karim bought this car from Haitham, and this paperwork issue is decided by the competent judicial authorities and is not replaced by the media media, and if the papers were not intact, the traffic would not be taken Out. ”

As for the lawyer of the sole heir to Haitham, he confirmed that the late artist did not receive any money from Karim, and there was no sale or purchase between them, and the written power of attorney was the assignment of the car through Haitham to a forged Karim. Real estate workers told me that Haitham’s Ranger car was licensed and transferred after his death.


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