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In an attempt to change the negative stereotype about the stepmother, the cosmetologist directed Asma Sherif Mounir A letter to her father’s wife, the artist, Sherif Mounir, expressing her love and appreciation for the support she provides, confirming that the image circulating in the movies and dramas about the stepmother is incorrect and contrary to reality.

Asma Sherif Mounir
Asma Sherif Mounir sends a love letter to her stepmother

Asma posted on her social media accounts a picture of her father’s wife, the Mu’tazila artist, “Laura” and commented on her saying: The beautiful six in this picture is (Laura) times my father. What is this in times a sweet father like that, where are the hooves and evil eyes, not times a father? Surely it must be evil and torment the children and occupy us in the house haha.

The beautiful six in this picture is (Laura) times father! What is this in the times of a sweet father like this, where are the hooves and evil eyes …
Posted by Asma Sherif Moneer at Wednesday, 21 October 2020

She added: This is what society and films always issue, but the truth is that this six is ​​the best, most beautiful and most bold of the women in the world. My life has not suffocated us. We may disagree once, but its age has not violated our rights or the obligations of our father, Lena, or my sisters or my daughters because they are young She is my family and sweetheart.

She continued, saying: When I was upset with my father, she would stand beside me, even if she would suffocate with her. Give her her right, and to tell the E-Set, if you are many times a father of children, you must fear our Lord in them and their companions and love them as if they are your children, and our Lord will jazzy you with all the best and your husband will give you in his head.

And she concluded: I love you, Lulu Away, and our Lord will keep us for some of us all together, and thank you for every sweet need you did to me .. Oh, and by the way, she works very sweet ideas on Instagram, they followed him.

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