Watch .. Rania Mahmoud Yassin blames Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s daughter for her father’s condolences


Took care Princess MukhtarDaughter of the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, On offering condolences to the late Egyptian artist Mahmoud Yassin.

The cameras detected the moment of rendering Princess Mukhtar Consolation toRania Mahmoud Yassin And her brother, the artist and director Amr Yassin, but it was clear through a video circulating on the social media that there was a reprimand between Rania Mahmoud Yassin And daughter Rajaa Al-Jeddawi Against the background of what she spoke about in her post about the late illness Mahmoud Yassin.

And the late artist’s daughter appeared Rajaa Al-Jeddawi، Princess MukhtarWhile offering condolences to the family of the deceased Mahmoud YassinGeneral Chat Chat Lounge وتوجهت Princess Mukhtar, daughter Rajaa Al-Jeddawi Beginning with director Amr Yassin and offering condolences to him, she shook hands with him, kissed him on the face and embraced him to support him in his ordeal before they exchanged talks for a few seconds, then I went Princess Mukhtar Toward Rania Mahmoud Yassin I shook hands with her and tried to kiss her on the face, but it seemed that the last one was satisfied with shaking the hand, then a conversation between them appeared Princess Mukhtar As if explaining to the latter her position on the post that she wrote about her father while it appeared Rania Mahmoud Yassin With upset features and expressions of the hand reproached her.

The crisis broke out between Princess Mukhtar, Late daughter Rajaa Al-JeddawiWith a family Mahmoud Yassin And that is after the first one wrote a condolence blog that included an influential position between her late mother Rajaa Al-Jeddawi والفنان Mahmoud Yassin Before a period of time, referring to his affliction with Alzheimer’s, she posted a photo of the deceased and commented on her Instagram account: “God bless you, Oh Angel Mahmoud. I walked into my mammy one day, I met her very happy and mourned and said to me Mahmoud, think about me and talk to me. She was very happy, and she claimed that he was cured of Alzheimer’s and described it as a cruel disease. God have mercy on him, a respectable man. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return”.

Post Princess Mukhtar About Mahmoud Yasmine Alzheimer’s disease provoked his daughter Rania Mahmoud Yassin And who expressed her anger at the first confirmation of her father’s affliction with Alzheimer’s, denying that he had this disease, and she responded to Princess Mukhtar On the “ninth” program, she said: “My father doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, and this is not true.” She added Rania Mahmoud Yassin In response to her father’s denial of having Alzheimer’s: “My father used to remember his friends for the last day and he used to memorize simple details such as the formation of the Arabic language and would be very upset if one of us uttered a word without proper vowelization.”


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