Watch skills. I see Babel, the first deal for Ismaily in the summer mercato


The Angolan Arya Babel joined the ranks of the dervishes during the current transfer period in order to strengthen the team’s offensive line in the new season, based on the recommendation of the Contracting Committee. Tactical advantage and flexibility.

The Angolan star, who was born on the third of March 1994 and is 175 cm tall, won the League Championship twice, the Angola Cup and the Domestic Super Cup once each.

Babylon He spent his career in Angola with the Primero de Augusto team “1st August” before moving in 2017 to Sporting Lisbon, Portugal, and this transfer came after his remarkable brilliance with the Angolan team.

His story with Sporting Lisbon of Portugal, and it did not continue as he participated with the reserve team in only 3 matches during a whole season and after that he moved to Babel on loan to the Portuguese team, Morinisi, to play only one game per season, then he returned to Lisbon reserve, and participated in 28 games, before That the contract ends, to return to the Premier League team.

The experience of Babylon was not successful in the Portuguese soil because he was not adapted to the situation there. However, he succeeded in re-discovering himself again after returning to his Angolan team.

Babylon began his career with his team Primero de Augusto in 2012 and participated with the first team in three matches during which he did not score any goal, and in the following year the number of his appearances rose to 13 games by 657 minutes, but he did not shake the competitors’ net, until Babylon’s big brilliance came in 2014. In 29 matches, he scored 14 goals in all tournaments, and in 2015 he scored 11 goals in 21 matches, before scoring 12 goals in 24 games in 2016.

The player has great readiness, as the longest period of fasting for scoring last season was from two to three games at the latest.

At the level of international participation, Babel began his participation with the Angola national team at the age of 18 against Uganda, and participated in a few minutes, before completing 35 international matches, scoring 5 goals.


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