Watch the first appearance of Bushra, the bride of El Gouna, in director Peter Weber’s interview session


The star, Boshra, the bride of El-Gouna appeared in the dialogue session of director Petroiber, head of the Jury of the El Gouna Film Festival, in her first appearance after the engagement, and it was spread on social networking sites a video in which she appeared crying from the intensity of her joy from the surprise of her fiancee with her engagement ring and her fiance appeared bending over his feet wearing her The ring and that was after the end of the El Gouna Festival 2020

The closing ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session witnessed the presence of a large number of stars and stars of art, who are keen to be present on his red carpet, and to follow the festival’s long and short awards ceremony, documentary and other awards.

The El Gouna Film Festival, in its fourth session, awarded the best actress to the artist, Jasna Dorisic, for the best actress for the film “Where are you going, Aida,” while the Palestinian artist Ali Suleiman won the best actor award for his role in the Palestinian film 200 meters.

The El Gouna Film Festival, in its fourth session, awarded the Cinema From Humanity Award to the Palestinian film 200 meters by Amin Nayfeh, and also won the Vibressi Award, which is the Critics Award, and Amin Nayfeh donated the award to the spirit of his grandmother who was deprived of it because of the separation wall in Palestine, while he won an award. Best Asian film for “Dying”.


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