Watch the first appearance of Mona Zaki in a rare photo with Mohamed Sobhy in 1991


The first appearance of the star Mona Zaki was through the theater of the great artist Mohamed Sobhi. She participated in the play “Baladi Al Fasih” in 1991 with a group of young talents and the play that was written by the late great writer Lenin Al-Ramli, and the actresses Dalia Ibrahim, Caroline Khalil and Sayed Al-Roumi also participated in the play. It was not photographed, as the artist Mohamed Sobhi confirmed on his Facebook page and published a group photo showing Mona Zaki in the clothes of the character that she was presenting.

The Cairo International Film Festival recently announced that the actress, Mona Zaki, will be awarded the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence, in the 42nd session, which will be held from 2 to 10 December, in appreciation of her artistic career full of prominent cinematic works..

Mona Zaki is the star of her generation par excellence, and the ideal model for the image of women in Egyptian cinema. With her smart choices, she was able to achieve the equation and combine artistic and public value, without being drawn into presenting works just for the sake of being present, she always knows when to say no, and therefore maintains her glamor and stardom in addition to respect And the appreciation of the audience even if some time is absent.

Mona is smart in her debut on stage and in the world of acting
Mona is smart in her debut on stage and in the world of acting

Mona Zaki had many important artistic contributions, beginning with her roles in romantic and comedic films such as “Saidi at American University”, “Africano”, “First Love”, “Taymour and Shafiqa” and “Abu Ali”, in addition to her active role in theater from During the plays “Afroto” and “Keda Okay”“.

In addition to romantic and comedic works, Mona Zaki had an imprint in social drama films such as “Staying Up Nights”, “About Love and Passion”, “Laugh the Image Looks Sweet” and “The Blood of the Deer”, as well as her famous role in “Haki Ya Shahrazad” which dealt with Through him with the courage of cases of domestic violence against women, she also distinguished himself in the films “Aswar al-Qamar” and “Uncle’s Children”“.

Among her most important works is the movie “Days of Sadat”, where she embodied the role of the first lady Jihan Sadat, and she also embodied the character of the legend Souad Hosni, in the series “Cinderella”, in addition to her prominent role in a number of television series, including “Asia” and “Afrah al-Qobba.” “.


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