“Watch,” the legendary Mohamed Ramadan is involved in a drug shipment of 3 million pounds … a scandal that has turned the Egyptian street


The Egyptian artist was surprised , Handled his name in consignment In the name of the legend, its value is 3 million pounds, after the drug dealer involved in supplying the shipment was arrested.

Muhammad Ramadan expressed his surprise at the headline in one of the local newspapers, which wrote: “Secrets of seizing a drug shipment and the relationship of the artist Muhammad Ramadan with it.”

The Egyptian artist commented sarcastically in a post on “Facebook” monitored by “Watan”, in which he said: “I looked up, I found my name, a title on the accidents page, and I have all my relationship with the subject.

Muhammad Ramadan added: “Thank you, the Anti-Narcotics Department in the Egyptian Ministry of Interior for pulling the legendary hashish from the street, and our Lord conceals and does not exist. There are other types that have a relationship with me. Of which”.

Wake up, I found my name as a title on the accidents page, and I have all my relationship with the subject. The item that I stuck with the merchant was called # Legend and Journalist …

Posted by Mohamed Ramadan on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Social media pioneers interacted with Muhammad Ramadan’s post mocking what happened, noting that the content he offered was what caused him to be so affected by the name of his series on a drug shipment.

And one of the comments read: “This is a high quality Yangm I drank from it, and I preferred to say I am Rifa’i Al-Desouki who hears about me for six hours,” and another wrote: “I mean, you want your name on its box. The name must be! The semi-product and the other is you and the hashish, you are the same as you and the hashish.

Another mocked, referring to the content provided by Ramadan, and wrote: “What, myth, is not Weapon dealer, you will be separated with you. Oh, when the activity expanded, distorted it with hashish, my brother, you don’t trust in God, for he is counting you.

In another context, Muhammad Ramadan recently contracted for a new series called “Musa” and preparations for it are currently beginning to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan drama.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Ramadan’s last artistic work is a video-clip song entitled “Ya Habibi” with the international French singer Miter James.

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