Watch the success of a test flight of a flying sports car … Video


Flying cars have appeared in Hollywood movies for years, and now these cars have become a reality, after a successful trial with the car AirCar The plane that turns from a normal car to another plane in less than three minutes, and during the test flight, the flying car successfully took off from Peshtani airport in Slovakia, and reached a height above ground level of 1500 feet, before returning to the ground.

According to the British “Mirror” website, the two-seater flying car weighs only 1,100 kg and can carry an additional payload of 200 kg per flight. Dr Branco Sarah, senior fellow at Boeing said: “The wing and tail deployment mechanism is very impressive. To an airplane, the cockpit that provides space for the driver or pilot and the passenger is very spacious and beautifully designed, and the overall appearance of the flying car on the road and in the air is wonderful. “

According to its designers, Klein Vision, Can be used AirCar For entertainment purposes, or as an airline taxi in the near future.

Anton Zagak, co-founder, investor and pilot of the company said Klein Vision: “With AirCarYou will reach your destination without the hassle of getting to the airport and passing through Commercial Security, and you can also drive a car AirCar Your own to the golf course, office, shopping center or to your hotel in a regular car park. “

Unfortunately, the costs are still not clear AirCar, Or when will it be available, however it is called Klein Vision That it already has a buyer.

Prof Stefan Klein, the company’s chief executive officer and test pilot, added: “After completing all the required flight tests in accordance with the regulations, we will be introducing a model with a 300 hp certified engine over the next six months, and the good news is that we already have a buyer.”


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