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In the last period, several areas in Cairo (some of them still suffer) suffered from lack of water. These areas did not know a certain and clear reason for their disconnection, as the causes ranged from a malfunction in the Mostorod water station to a breakdown due to one of the bridges that are being constructed, and the final vision is not yet clear.

We all know that water cuts are difficult and distressing for life. Water is needed for normal daily activities. Their absence means real annoyance for the citizen and confusion in his daily life style. Especially if the period was prolonged and reached a break of nearly twelve continuous hours in about twenty semi-consecutive days.

The absence of basic facilities in this way is a sad matter that unfortunately leads to the accumulation of anger among the citizen due to the general deterioration in providing services that are essential to his life. The truth is that it is not in anyone’s interest to reach a state in which feelings of discontent rise for such obvious reasons that officials are supposed to observe. This is the weakest belief.

Realistically, the interruption of basic services for a short period of time leads to a weakening of confidence in the state, especially since its fundamental duty is to fulfill the tasks of providing these needs to citizens and ensuring the quality of vital facilities, otherwise, what is their role, and what is their importance for the citizen?

Perhaps the reason behind the painful water cuts that occurred are updates, urban changes, or necessary repairs, and if this is the case, then why did the citizens not carry out this reform plan and inform them of specific dates for the water cuts and others for its return so that people can arrange their daily affairs according to this plan so that it does not stop Their lives and disrupted their obligations?

Informing the citizen of what is going on in a transparent manner helps and supports the state because it restores confidence in it and even makes the citizen receptive to sacrifice as long as he knows that there is a return to it. As for its absence, on the contrary, it accumulates apprehension and anger; And we all know the bad prospects of these things. Therefore, and finally, the state and its officials should review their performance with regard to the problem of water cuts, and sensibly strive to improve the efficiency of services and even build bridges of trust with the citizen who found himself alone in this crisis without support or support.

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