We are waiting for the responses of the costume of poison to Manal Salama’s statement about the artists: In the ranks of messengers


The artist, “Manal Salama,” revealed her tendency to present programs through “Sweet Speech,” as a result of her refusal of many inappropriate roles that were offered to her recently, until some people said that she does not want to work.

The artist, “Manal Salama,” indicated through her meeting on the “Ask Me” program on CBC that she aims through her program to provide an addition to others and not to herself.

As for her appearance in the veil in some of the pictures from her trips to Hajj and Umrah and whether she thinks about going through the experience, the artist, Manal Salama, explained that she does not like that question, and if she thinks about the step, she will implement it immediately.

The artist, “Manal Salama,” indicated that she rejects the title of the repentant artist, and that for those who go through the experience of the veil, noting that art is a great profession to the end and not forbidden until she repents for it.

And about her family, which is full of artists and media professionals, such as: Amr Adib, Lamis Al-Hadidi, Dalia Mustafa, Sherif Salama and her husband, Adel Adeeb, and added, “We are a family of lambs.”

The actress, “Manal Salama,” added that her husband, Adel Adeeb, did not object to any of her roles because he did not watch all of her roles, and that his best films from her point of view are “Night of the Cole” and “Hysteria” and that he did not get his chance as a director so far despite what Enjoyed by talent.


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