We publish the text of the Sheikh of Al-Azhar’s speech at the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday in the presence of Sisi


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Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, delivered a speech at the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic .. This is the text of his speech:

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Praise be to God, and may God Almighty peace and blessings be upon the owner of this fragrant memory, our Master and Mawlana Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace and his pure and good family and companions, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, may God protect him and guide him in his footsteps.
The honorable ceremony, may the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you … And after ,,,
I am pleased to present to you, the ancient people of Egypt and the Arab and Islamic nations, kings, rulers and peoples, with the best congratulations on the sweet memory of the birth of the Prophet of humanity and the Messenger of Peace, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and his brothers from the Prophets and Messengers.
Ladies and Gentelmen!
As we celebrate today the anniversary of the birth of Muhammad –we are not celebrating just a person who has attained the goal in the higher levels of morality and the highest levels of perfection, but rather we celebrate – in fact – the manifestation of the divine radiance, the manifestation of the message of all humanity, A final prophet was assigned to convey to mankind a final prophet who conveyed the message, led the trust and advised the nation, and did not leave it until he placed it on the pilgrimage of truth, goodness and beauty, and warned her against humiliation and humiliation if she deviates to other paths, from which he will not return to ruin. -: “The Messenger of God–preached to us a sermon from which eyes fell, and hearts were dazed by it, so we said: O Messenger of God! If this is a sermon of a farewell, then what do you commit to us? He said: I have left you on the white in its night as its day, and only perishing will come from it after me.
Then this religion soon spread the spread of the sun in the east and west of the earth, and its rapid spread was the fulfillment of one of its miracles ﷺ, meaning that this religion will fold the universe and envelop the existence in its captivity, and his talk about this matter was the opinion of the trustworthy one who sees the events. Rather, he sees it more than what the eye can see. This noble Prophet says: “Let this matter be fulfilled by what has reached the night and the day.” And he says in the narration of Thawban: “God Almighty will possess it, and I will possess it, and I will possess it. Religion and Sharia.
The complex of the miracles of these two noble hadiths lies in the fact that he revealed to his companions and his enemies عن also- about the attainment of Islam what he had reached night and day at a time when the limits of Islam did not exceed the borders of the Arabian Peninsula, and this promise at that time resembled a dream that was impossible to fulfill, and had it not been Confident of this promise and his trust from himself that is between his sides, he never ventured into this talk, and did not crack him in the face of enemies that lie in wait for him, and catch a gag that emanates from him to disturb his new religion that has turned their lives upside down.
This hadith – and its proverbs, O honorable party! – is what sends in the hearts of Muslims a certainty that does not vibrate that the survival and immortality of Islam, and the imprinting of the name of his prophet on the brow of time, is something that God himself has entrusted with him, and I show him to his prophet an eye’s view, as he watches the east and west of the earth.

The same is true with regard to the survival, memorization and eternity of the Holy Qur’an, for it is what God alone undertook and did not entrust to anyone other than Him .. We have sent down the remembrance and we have preserved it [الحجر: 9]Thus, we Muslims do not for a moment doubt that Islam, the Qur’an, and Muhammad divine lamps that illuminate the path of humanity as it searches for its happiness in this world and the hereafter, and that these three lamps are preserved by the preservation of God, his will and his promise .. just as we do not doubt about defeating the aggressors, regardless of their race and ethnicity. And how was their boredom and their beliefs and how we feared, and God tells us: They want to extinguish the light of God with their mouths, and God refuses unless it is fulfilled, even if they hate it [التوبة: 32]And in another verse: They want to extinguish the light of God with their mouths, and God is the perfect light, even if the unbelievers hate it. [الصف: 8]And in the third verse: ▬oma blind equal, and the Seer * neither darkness nor light * neither shade nor Aharor * and without distinction between the living and the dead, God hears wills and what you Bmsama in the graves * If you are only a harbinger * Verily We sent the right glad tidings and a warner and that of There is a nation except for the foremost in which there is a warning [فاطر: 20-24].
Mohammed ﷺ this is a prophet who is from God on his slaves Almaemien- in the verse ▬kadd of God on the believers when He sent them a messenger from themselves, reciting to them His signs and praise them and teach them the Book and Wisdom though before in error Mban♂ [آل عمران: 164]Yes, without him – 2 – and had it not been for what was sent by God, humanity would have remained as it was before his dispatch in complete darkness. And in a clear delusion until the Day of Resurrection, and Muhammad – in the text of the Qur’an – is “the light” with which God dispels the darkness of doubts and illusions, God Almighty says: “From God there has come to you a light and a clear book. [المائدة: 15]That is, there came to you from God a light who is Muhammad and a clear book is “The Noble Qur’an”.
Vkma smah God «Nora» smah «Siraj Munir», also addressed vkhatbh mubashira: AZ «n yha Nabi Egg rslnak The title vmbshra vnzyra * Farewell to God vsraja baznh Munir» ♂ [الأحزاب: 45-46]. And Muhammad,, is the mercy that is sent to all the worlds: their believers and their unbelievers: What we have sent you except as a mercy for the worlds [الأنبياء: 107]As he says about himself: “But I am guided mercy.”
Generous party!
This is a little of much of what was presented to the world by the owner of this fragrant memory, and with it he saved nations and peoples, correcting the contortions and crises of civilizations, and it is what we who believe in must renew the feelings of love and loyalty to this prophet, and defend him with our souls, our precious things, and our souls ..
And know, brothers, that his love ﷺ impose an eye on every Muslim of his nation, .. has warned the Qur’an in the verse: ▬ql: If your fathers and your sons and your brothers and your wives and Ashertkm Aqtervtamoha funds and trade concerned about the depressed housing Tradwnha I love you from Allah and His Messenger and Jihad in the process Fterbesoa even God does His command, and God does not guide the immoral people. [التوبة: 24]So, whoever is dearer to him by his father, son, family, or money than God and the Messenger of God, he must wait for what will happen sooner and later, then he is one of the immoral, and this is confirmed by his saying «:“ None of you will believe in him until he loves him. ” The meaning of love here is not the emotional, sensual love that is the tendency of the soul and its desires, and which the human being has no hand in bringing or spending, and among them: the love of soul, child and money, this love is outside of one’s choice, and its ability, but what is required – in the noble hadith – is mental love The optional, which is formed as a result of consideration, knowledge and analogy, such as the love of the heroes, the greats, people of high morals, and others who are distinguished by transcendence in the steps of human perfection. The scholars say: This mental love is what is required in the noble verse and in the noble hadith, and it is «the first degrees of faith, but the perfection of this love is That the emotions of a Muslim become subordinate to his mind in his love for him, may blessings and peace be upon him.
Generous party!
The Islamic world and its religious institutions, in the forefront of which are: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif has hastened to condemn the hateful murder of a French teacher in Paris, which is an unfortunate and painful event, but it is most regrettable and extremely painful to see the insult to Islam and Muslims in our world today and it has become a tool for mobilizing voices Speculation with it in the election markets, and these insulting caricatures of our great prophet adopted by some newspapers and magazines. Rather, some policies are absurd, slapstick and break free from all restrictions of responsibility, moral commitment, international custom and public law, and it is an explicit hostility to this noble religion, and to his prophet, whom God has resurrected.
And we are from the honorable Al-Azhar website, as we strongly reject with all the countries of the Islamic world these sins that do not in fact offend Muslims and the Muslim prophet, insofar as they harm those who are ignorant of the greatness of this noble Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. International Conference to approve global legislation criminalizing anti-Muslim hostility and discrimination between them and others in rights, duties and full mutual respect, and we also call on Muslim citizens in Western countries to consciously integrate into these societies, which preserves their religious and cultural identities, and prevents them from being drawn into the provocations of the extreme right and racism The hateful, and the polarization of political Islam groups, and Muslim citizens must adhere to the peaceful, legal and rational methods of resisting hate speech and obtaining their legitimate rights. Following the example of the morals of their noble Prophet ﷺ.
Moreover, I am astonished at all that the fire of discord, hatred and offense has been lit in countries that have long singed that they are the cradle of culture and incubator of civilization, enlightenment, science, modernity and human rights, and then the standards are disturbed in their hands widely, so that we see the human being holding one hand with freedom while the other is holding her The preaching of hate and the bonfires.
You Muslims! Do not be disheartened by what has happened and what will happen as well. In his life, and after his departure, your Prophet was exposed to something more severe than that than he used to accept with forgiveness, charity and supplication to those who are ignorant of it, so do not guide them to God. Vٱcefh ٱlsafh ٱljamil »stone 85,« forgive them and forgive that God loves the doers of good »table 133,« But forgive and overlook, till Allah brings His command God over all things) the cow / 109.
And that I will be very glad when I remember the noble verse about the miracle in which God alone guarantees to defend His noble Prophet in the Almighty saying: “We are the mockers of yours. [الحجر: 95] Great truth of God.
In conclusion, and inspired by this fragrant memory, I am very honored to announce the launch of the noble Al-Azhar as a global platform for introducing the Prophet of Mercy and the Messenger of humanity ﷺ It is run by the Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism, and in many languages ​​of the world .. as well as the allocation of an international scholarly competition The great historicity of the journey of love, goodness and peace.
Thank you, Mr. President, and I pray to God to help you and provide you with reasons to work for the good of Egypt, its advancement, and the fulfillment of the hopes of its people.
And thanks for your honor, and Happy New Year.
وَّسَّلامُ عَليكُم وَرَحـْمَةُ اللهِ وبَرَكَاتُه.
Written on: Rabi` Al-Awal 10, 1442 AH
Corresponding to: October 27, 2020 AD
Ahmed El Tayeb
Sheikh Al-Azhar

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