We signed 5 players, and this is our position on Islam Issa and Evona .. Video


Tarek Hashem, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Club, confirmed that the team management welcomes the return of Islam Issa again.

“Al-Masry welcomes the return of Islam Issa again if he wants to, and we have also contracted with 5 players to support the team next season,” Tariq said during his interview with the match program presented by Hani Hathout on the Sada Al Balad channel.

About Evona, he said: “There are many players proposed to join the team and they reached 15 players. We will present them to the contracting committee to see their position.”

He added, “We learned the lesson and we have mistakes that we are dealing with, and there is no club that does not currently have mistakes.”

The Al-Masry team beat its rival Ismaily with two goals without a response in the match that was held at the Burj Al Arab stadium in the 32nd round of the Premier League championship.

Ismaili is ranked tenth in the Premier League table with 38 points, while Al-Masry is in 9th place with 39 points.


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