We succeeded in presenting the most important films in the Corona crisis


Director Amir Ramses, artistic director of the El Gouna Festival, talked about the difficulties they faced in holding the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session, especially in choosing feature-length documentaries in light of the Corona pandemic.

Amir said, in statements to ON E channel: We always have difficulties in choosing films. It is not easy for you to take the right to show in the Middle East with big films, but this year with Corona and postponing a large number of films to 2021, it was a more difficult challenge.

He continued: From the month of January, we begin to see the global map and see the films that won the biggest prizes in 2020 and the most important in general production, but with the closure that took place in many countries, the shape of the festival that was born from the womb of the Corona and many developed from it.

He added: The festival took me three years off from the cinema, especially the film “Curfew.” I took two years in parallel with the festival.


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