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She said EthiopiaToday, Saturday, any kind of threats in the ongoing dispute over filling and operating the Renaissance Dam are “wrong, fruitless, and a clear violation of international law.”

The statement issued by the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on the Renaissance Dam did not mention any particular person or country.

However, the statement came hours after US President Donald Trump and Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok called, in which he called for an amicable solution between Egypt and Ethiopia.

In the call to reporters at the White House, Trump said that he also informed Egypt of this, adding that the situation is dangerous and may amount to Egypt “blowing up” the dam.

Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt are in a bitter dispute over the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam on the Nile. The dispute persists, despite the start of filling the dam reservoir in July.

The Ethiopian statement said: “There are still frequent statements from time to time bearing hostile threats to subject Ethiopia to unfair conditions .. These threats and insults to Ethiopian sovereignty are wrong and fruitless and a clear violation of international law.”

My father’s office said the first phase of filling the dam was completed in August.

Egypt says it relies on the Nile for more than 90 percent of its scarce supplies of fresh water, and it fears the dam will have a devastating impact on its economy.

Trump said, on Friday, that he had previously brokered an agreement to resolve the issue, but Ethiopia had violated the agreement, forcing him to cut money from it.

Abe’s office said there has been significant progress in resolving the dispute since the African Union began overseeing negotiations.

He added, “Ethiopia will not yield to aggression of any kind, nor do we recognize a right based on colonial treaties.”

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