What are the most important “medicines” that are indispensable in the home pharmacy at the time of Corona


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Dr. Lyudmila Lapa revealed the types of medicines that must be present in the home pharmacy, during the outbreak of the pandemic. At the same time, consult a doctor when feeling ill.

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The World Health Organization declares that a number of drugs are ineffective in treating Corona

And the doctor says, “During the period of risk of infection with a viral infection, certain medicines must be present in the home pharmacy that help the sick person until the doctor arrives. Because calling the doctor is very necessary.”

And she adds, for example, when the body temperature rises, it is recommended to take heat-reducing drugs. It also advises that antibiotics should be kept in the home pharmacy, especially macrolides, because they are safer, however they should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

The doctor stresses the necessity of having anti-viral drugs in the home pharmacy, as well as drugs to strengthen the immune system, and medicines based on lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

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