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I will present to you some facts, which seem contradictory, and then try together to search for an explanation!

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-1- This story happened many years ago. My friend – after completing the rituals of Hajj – was waiting for the plane to take him to Cairo. It seems that he is waiting to take off, he is chatting with an Iranian pilgrim! I do not know how they reached a common language with which they could understand. Both of them were charged with intense emotions of Hajj! My friend boasted that he was from Hussein’s offspring, so the Iranian pilgrim was bending over his feet, trying to kiss her!

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-2- In the mosques of ancient Egypt, Egyptians have a special fondness for the mosques of Aal al-Bayt, especially the shrine of Al-Hussein, Mrs. Zainab and Mrs. Nafisa! She expresses her tightness with the system, as she swept over it the shrine of Mrs. Nafisa, as common Egyptians do !, and countless stories of popular imagination that you may not believe all of them, but they express intense love!

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-3- But on the other hand, there are solid facts that contradict the above! Take for example: Do you know that we hardly know anything at all about the daughters of the Messenger Ruqayya and Umm Kulthum? The Islamic references are almost devoid of anything related to them, with the exception of their engagement to my son Abi Lahab before Islam and then annulled the sermon in spite of the Messenger !, Othman bin Affan had married Telegram who died during the Battle of Badr, so the Prophet married her sister Umm Kulthum, who also died. But who are they? What is their character? We don’t know any other details at all!

Zainab, his eldest daughter, did the same, except for the touching story of her redemption of her husband, Ibn Al-Aas, with Khadijas necklace! Umama bint Zainab? Granddaughter of the Messenger of God! Why did contemporary Muslims not bother at that time preserving any details of her life that extended? Umm Kulthum, daughter of Fatima, who married Omar bin Al-Khattab? We don’t know anything about it? Take dozens of examples from that, so what is the reason for this current reverence after the old neglect?

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The explanation for me is quite clear: the Qur’an was revealed for other purposes than the sanctification of people, whatever their status !, the basic material of the Qur’an is the unification, veneration and sanctification of God. As for human beings, including the honorable messengers, they come and go! What matters is the truth that they carry (and Muhammad is only a messenger) On the authority of the apostles, if he dies or is killed, then you will turn against your punishment). The early Muslims fully understood the meaning of the Qur’an, so it was natural for them to look at humans in a calm and natural way, even if they were from the family of the Messenger, because the unification, glorification and reverence of God is the true goal of the revelation of the Qur’an.

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