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You can these days know a lot about the atmosphere of the victory of October 1973, which was achieved at the hands of the great Sadat, it wiped out a shame that began on June 5, 1967! .. The hero of war and peace wiped out the shame of the Egyptians and Arabs with one blow, with which our valiant forces crossed the Suez Canal, and the land was recovered. And honor!

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abu Al-Gheit, is responsible for making this knowledge available to you … and he is responsible for it with a book that will remain a reference for every Egyptian who wishes to know what happened one day before victory! .. The book was issued by the Egyptian Renaissance House, seven years ago, under the title A witness to war and peace!

The man witnessed the war because for two years he was a member of Hafez Ismail’s team, the long-standing national security advisor, and the team’s mission from 1972 to 1974 was to help Sadat manage the political aspect of the war decision! ..

He is a witness to peace because he was a member of another working group, headed by Dr. Ismat Abdel-Majeed, and his mission was to prepare for the Minahouse preparatory conference, which came to light after Sadat returned from his visit to Jerusalem in November 1977!

In the book there is a story that we must not forget about what the shrewd American policy, Henry Kissinger, responded to Dr. Muhammad Hassan Al-Zayat, who had gone in 1972 asking him to help in the evacuation of Israel from the occupied lands! .. The response of “Kissinger” was that he did not have time to waste We are with us, the Egyptians, who cannot go to a war that restores the balance of power between them and Tel Aviv, and do not want to pay the price of the heavy defeat inflicted on them in 1967!

When “Al-Zayat” returned, and was Minister of Foreign Affairs, telling Sadat what he saw “Kissinger”, it was necessary to decide the war, which wiped out the shame and the people of dust over the years of defeat, and preserved for his owner his position among the great politicians and leaders .. And God Almighty wills that he meet “Abul-Gheit.” “With the American shrewd, during a ceremony held at the Hilton New York in 1999, and to tell him that he might not know that his response to the“ zayat ”was at the forefront of the reasons that led us to fight and win!

Kissinger almost heard this from the Secretary General of the Arab League, who was at the time a permanent delegate to the United Nations, until he rose up and denied what he was, and then annoyance appeared all over his face !! .. He feared that Israel might catch him red-handed, inciting Cairo to War! .. But he had rendered us a service from where he did not know!

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