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The Nobel Prize is still contesting the Arabs for the twenty-first year in a row, after Dr. Ahmed Zewail got it in chemistry in 1999!

And the strangest thing about this year’s awards must be that the United States of America won the lion’s share in it without a competitor, because seven of the Americans won this year, and they were divided between two winners in medicine, a third in chemistry, a fourth in physics, and a fifth in poetry! … Yesterday morning, it was won by two Americans in economics, because they introduced a development in the theory of auctions to serve the interest of the seller, the buyer and the taxpayer!

The award took its American color this year for reasons that are not understood. It only went outside the United States to two Englishmen, one Frenchman, and one German as well .. and only..As for the Peace Prize, it went to the World Food Program, which is fighting from its headquarters in Rome the specter of hunger in around the world!

And when I mentioned in this place, a few days ago, that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia had obtained it last year, although he is working against peace in the region and the region, and is intransigent in the file of the Renaissance Dam with Egypt and Sudan, Engineer Sherif Effat warned me, in a letter from him, that the most effective This is how Obama obtained it in the first months of his presence in the White House!

This actually happened without the former American president having achieved anything reminiscent of peace as an issue anywhere on the earth, and this had no meaning other than that it was a political prize for him, more than a prize for an actual peacemaker the size of Sadat, the hero of war and peace! .. And Mr. Mahmoud was Al-Tanb is absolutely right when he sent lines in which he recorded and confirmed this matter!

The case of Obama was not stranger than the case of Yemeni Tawakkol Karman, who won the award in the absence of the academy responsible for awarding it in Sweden .. Karman lived after that, spreading extremist ideology everywhere, and she does not hesitate to call for violence if she does not practice it!

Where is Obama and Kerman from a great like Sadat who asked to engrave a phrase on his grave that says: He lived for the sake of principles and died for the sake of peace ?! .. He stood like a lion preaching in the Israeli Knesset and saying: A dry morsel and with it peace is better than a house full of sacrifices with strife! May God have mercy on the man who increases in value every day!

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