Who climbs to excellent? .. 7 clubs wrestle to snatch 3 cards


The clubs of the second section, the final round, are waiting to win the promotion to the Premier League for the 2020/2021 season, for the excitement and fun of the competition to continue until the last moments.

The matches of the 22nd round of the competition are scheduled to start on Monday, October 12, with the first group confrontations, “Upper Egypt,” then on the 13th of the third group, and the second group on the 15th.

The matches of each group will be held at the same time at 3 pm.

3 clubs will go up to the Premier League next season, with one team from each group, and 7 clubs are currently competing to book 3 cards in the Premier League.

The first group

3 clubs are competing to snatch the promotional card for the Premier League next season, and they are:

1- Al-Ahli Bank 43 points
2- Aluminum 42 points
3- Beni Suef 41 points

In the final round, the National Bank of Egypt will play Assiut Petroleum, while the aluminum will play its counterpart, Sohag, and Beni Suef will host the Tahta team on Monday, October 12th.

In the event that Al-Ahli Bank wins the last round match, it reaches point No. 46, and thus ascends directly to the Premier League, regardless of the results of the Alumium and Beni Suef matches.

The aluminum dream to return to the league since its last appearance in 2007/2008 is contingent on its victory to reach the 45th point, with a draw or loss by Al-Ahli Bank, regardless of Beni Suef’s result.

Beni Suef needs to win their match to reach the 44th point, with Al-Ahly Bank losing, and a loss or draw in Olympiom, in order to climb directly to the Premier League.

Other scenarios

– Al-Ahli Bank can rise if a tie in its last match and Beni Suef won on the condition of a loss or a tie for aluminum, as the National Bank and Beni Suef will equal in points (44), but the direct results will be in favor of the National Bank. (Winning 1-0, 2-0).

The aluminum draw, and the loss of the National Bank as well as Beni Suef, makes there equal points between the aluminum and the National Bank (43), and thus the direct results rule, which refers to a tie also (2-2 in the aggregate of the two matches). Goals, and then base the most scored in the competition.

(Al-Ahli Bank has scored 28 goals and conceded 11 goals, thus the goal difference of +17, against aluminum, scoring 33 goals and conceding 17, thus the goal difference of +16).

– And if the three clubs lose the last round matches, the situation remains as it is, and the National Bank rises directly.

the second group

The Interior team came out of the accounts after a draw in the 21st round with the Republic of Shebin without goals, so that the conflict became “in theory” between Ceramica and Petrojet, as follows:

1- Ceramica: 42 points
2- Petrojet 39 points

Sermica needs to win or draw in its last match in the competition against the Republic of Shebin on Thursday 15 October in order to climb for the first time in the club’s history to the Premier League.

An exciting scenario

– In the event that the Ceramica team lost, and Petrojet won in their last match against Mars, here the points are equal between the two (42).

– When referring to the first rule, “direct confrontations,” the group of two matches indicates a draw (2-2), and therefore the goal difference rule will be considered.

– The Ceramica team excels in the base “goal difference” (+5), and thus Petrojet needs to win with a big score, waiting for Ceramica to fall also by a goal difference in order to go directly to the Premier League.

The third group

This group is witnessing a competition between Ghazl El Mahalla and Pharco to snatch the ticket to the Premier League next season.

1- Ghazal Mahalla 44 points
2- Pharco 42 points

Ghazel El Mahalla won or draw against the Olympic club on Tuesday 13 October, returning the team to the Premier League since its last appearance in the 2015/2016 season.

Pharco needs to beat the municipality of Mahalla, with Ghazl El Mahalla losing to the Olympic team in order to top the standings (45), and go directly to the league next season.

An exciting scenario

In the event that Pharco wins his match, and Ghazl El Mahalla tied, then there is a tie in points (45), and thus the rule of direct confrontations is applied first.

Ghazl El Mahalla and Farko tied 1-1 in the first round match, and with the same result in the second round, and thus the goal difference rule will be transferred.

Ghazl El Mahalla is better in the goal difference (6+) than Farco, as Ghazal Mahalla scored 30 goals and conceded 10, making the difference 20+, while Pharco scored 24 goals and conceded 10 goals, making the difference 14+.


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