Why do ants have tremendous physical strength?


Why do ants have tremendous physical strength?

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An international team of scientists at the Japanese Graduate University and Sorbonne University in France was able to answer the question: Why do ants have unprecedented physical strength? By using the chest x-ray method.

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It is known that ants are among the most capable living creatures, and they live in every corner of our planet despite the weather conditions.

And these insects can lift a load of more than 10 meters in weight. The scientists decided to study the muscle structure and skeleton of the worker ant.

And they said that working ants are descended into flying insects. So the largest part of his chest is occupied by the wing muscles. But later development caused him to lose the ability to fly, and then the ants rebuilt his body to increase the size of the rest of the muscles.

The shape of his neck and the way the muscles are built in his body have also changed. All this led to the emergence of great physical strength and the ability to withstand great stress.

It is reported that scientists were interested in ants for some time. But they were always studying the existing social relationships between these insects. The study conducted by a team of French and Japanese scientists is considered the first in the field of ant physiology.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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