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When Singapore Airlines announced that all of its “Super Jumbo” plane seats that it transferred to a restaurant were booked within 30 minutes of the announcement, it raised a general question, which is: “Who wants to do that?”

And it turns out that many want that. And for everyone who did not enjoy the experience of flying, let alone going to the airport and boarding a plane in the parking lot and eating a meal provided by the airline after it was reheated, there is another person who does not tire of the experience of flying, is willing to pay a large sum to enjoy it.

The “Bloomberg” news agency reported that Singapore Airlines decided to set up two of its “Airbus A380” aircraft at Changi Airport as temporary restaurants during two weekends later this month, where it will provide dishes from its menu, and free drinks.

A meal in a suite seat costs 642 Singapore dollars (472 dollars), while the business class seat is 321 Singapore dollars, in the premium economy 96.3 dollars and in the normal economy 53.5 dollars.

At this price, it is easy to eat an eight-course meal at the “Odette” restaurant, which is ranked among the best in the world, or have dinner for two at “CUT” restaurant, which is one of the chain of restaurants of the famous chef, Wolfgang Puck.

Mayor Patel, the regional sales manager for travel data provider OAG, said he was willing to come forward and pay a lot for a comfortable suite seat. He said he wanted to try the wing seat again after trying it while traveling from Sydney to Singapore.

As a member of the Solitary PBS Premier Customer Club for 21 years, which qualifies to travel with Singapore Airlines to join him, Patel also feels he wants to support the company because he feels at home.

Patel pointed out that the price of a meal in economy class is not bad when taking into account that a person will experience the experience of riding an Airbus A380, perhaps for the first time, and get a meal, drinks and entertainment on board.

He added that some might say that all of this can be done at home while watching movies or programs on “Netflix” and a ready-made meal, but he indicated a sense of national pride in supporting Singapore Airlines in light of the financial crises surrounding it.

Patel explained that there are some people looking for new, who want to try business class seats or suites, and who may not be able to afford it in the case of actual travel.

Patel said that there are some visitors to this type of restaurants who are famous personalities on social media or who want to photograph eating while on the seats of the plane while it is parked.

Regarding the benefits that would accrue to the company from this idea, Patel said that in addition to generating new income, this idea is an advertisement for offering the A380 to travelers.

He explained that this idea is not expected to generate a large financial flow to the company, as it is necessary to take into account the costs of food and drinks.

Regarding which seats are more popular, Patel said, business class seats and wings were very popular among those who could afford them, but the premium economy class received the same attention when compared to the price.

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