Will Lampard and Solshire be among the first Premiership victims?


Chelseas coach Frank Lampard and his Norwegian counterpart, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United coach, live in difficult times, in light of the fluctuations in the results of their teams during the recent period, and many British reports indicated that the patience of the two clubs’ administrations may not last long, in case the results do not develop to levels Hopefully during the next stage.

Chelsea, who supported their ranks with deals worth more than a quarter of a billion pounds last summer, is ranked ninth in the Premier League table, with nine points, while Manchester United, who has a postponed match against Burnley, is 15th, with seven points, after six rounds of The age of the competition.

Manchester United and Chelsea tied without goals in their confrontation in the current round in Premier League, a confrontation that appeared as one of the poorest Premier League matches in the current season at the technical level, which increased pressure on the two coaches who were former prominent stars in their teams.

Solskjaer took over as Manchester United on a permanent contract in March 2019, after a few months as a temporary coach, while Lampard captained Chelsea in the summer of 2019.

The “Planet Football” network conducted a numerical comparison between the two coaches, which showed that they were equal in the percentage of victory during the matches played by both of them, which was exactly 50%, as Manchester United under Solskjaer won 40 matches between 80 matches led by the Norwegian coach, while Chelsea won Under Lampard 32 times, in 64 matches.

The rate of defeat was also very close in the coaches’ statistics, as Manchester United lost 21 times under Solshire, by 26.3%, while Chelsea lost under Lampard 17 times, by 28.1%.

Lampard defeated Solskjaer in attack, as his team scored 122 goals under his leadership, an average of 1.9 per game, while Manchester United scored 137 goals under Solshire, with an average of 1.71 per game.

But Chelseas defensive suffering was clearly evident in those numbers, although Manchester United suffered badly from defensive crises under Solshire’s leadership, the Norwegian coach has surpassed his English counterpart in the recent period.

Manchester United maintained a clean sheet under Solskjaer’s leadership 30 times, by 37.5%, while Chelsea maintained a clean sheet under Lampard only 17 times, by no more than 26.5% during its matches in all competitions.

Chelsea also conceded 89 goals during that period, an average of 1.39 per game, while Manchester United conceded 84 goals, with an average of 1.05 per match.


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