Within the reach of everyone … a popular drug that reduces the risk of corona and saves death


About 10 months, doctors are running behind drugs and drugs that can reduce the risk of the emerging corona virus in order to reduce the severity of fatigue caused by the deadly virus, and a recent study found that taking aspirin may reduce the risk of serious illness or death for Corona virus patients in hospital.

The researchers found that taking a daily pill; It can reduce the likelihood of entering the intensive care unit or placing it on a ventilator by more than 40 percent, according to what was published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Additionally, it reduces the risk of dying from infection by nearly half, and the team from the University of Maryland College of Medicine (UMSOM) says the results are “cautious optimism” about the efficacy of this easily accessible drug to help prevent severe complications.

While the study’s lead, Dr. Jonathan Chow, assistant professor of anesthesiology at UMSOM, said: “This is an important result that must be confirmed through a randomized clinical trial.” And if our findings are confirmed; It will make aspirin the first widely available over-the-counter drug to reduce deaths among Covid-19 patients

The team looked at the medical records of 412 COVID-19 patients treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore and three other hospitals, and found that those who used aspirin daily reduced the risk of going into the ICU by 43 percent and reduced the risk of exposure to a respirator. Industrial sector by 44 percent.

The results also showed that most importantly, aspirin reduced the risk of death in hospital by 47 percent compared to those who did not take aspirin.

Corona virus may increase the risk of dangerous and often deadly blood clots, and it can form in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels, however, the use of aspirin interferes with how the blood clots, which is what the team believes is the reason for the many benefits of medicines for those infected. With COVID-19.

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