Witness: Maha Ahmad on her son’s illness: He could not touch his leg and not see him eh


A satisfactory crisis that Adel Magdy Kamel, son of artists Maha Ahmed and Magdy Kamel, is going through, as a result of the psychological crises that have followed him in the recent period, including the death of his friend and his separation from his girlfriend, to come out in a post through his account on (Instagram) yesterday, explaining the details of what he is going through, indicating To that he does not know a cure for what he suffers from.

Commenting on her son’s post, actress Maha Ahmed spoke with Wael Al-Ibrashi, a journalist, on the (Ninth) program, and said that she was surprised by what her son wrote about his illness and what he suffers from, explaining that she and her family have lived during the past period in successive crises.Maha added that her son suddenly fell ill with a disease with which he could not stand on his feet, and he did not respond to treatment, and they did not know the nature of what he was suffering from, and he had entered a bad psychological state.

Maha explained that the nervous conditions that she went through, her beginning was from sitting at home at the time of the ongoing spread of the Corona virus, and that her son “Ahmed” suffers from weak immunity, then she asked her husband, artist Magdy Kamel, to travel to the northern coast, and while traveling she had a car accident. Too old, her son, Adel, was with her on the phone.

And “Maha” added that her son, “Adel” was living a love story that ended in failure, and he entered a bad psychological state, then his friend Mustafa Hafnawi died, and he was also affected by the accident that their house sank in water.

“Maha” stated that she had gone through a disease crisis, and she was unable to stand and did not want to eat, and it became clear after that that it was an infection in the chest and not a corona, then one day she was surprised that her son, Just, could not stand on his feet or do anything alone, and she began to hear his voice in pain. Explaining that she does not know what is happening with them.


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