Words outside … Violent quarrels between Mortada Mansour and the Olympic Committee lawyer


The president of Zamalek entered into a violent altercation with the attorney of the Olympic Committee, which witnessed insults during their presence in the courtroom of the Administrative Court, to consider the President of Zamalek’s appeal against the decision of the Olympic Committee to dismiss him from the presidency of the Zamalek Club, where a verbal altercation broke out between Mortada and the lawyer of the Olympic Committee.

Mortada Mansour charged the Olympic lawyer with fraud during his pleading before the court, and after the end of Murtazas pleading, a sharp verbal altercation broke out between the two parties, prompting the president of the court to adjourn the session and postpone it until the situation calmed down.

The court decided to postpone the verdict until November 1, to see the reasons for the ruling before acceptance or rejection.

Lawyers and prosecutors flocked to the State Council headquarters to attend the appeal of Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, against the Olympic Committee’s decision to suspend and remove him from office.

The President of Zamalek attended to plead before the court in his appeal, in which the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hisham Hatab, Chairman of the Olympic Committee, and Amr Al-Ganayni, Chairman of the Five-Year Committee appointed by the International Football Federation to manage the Egyptian Football Association,

It is noteworthy that the Olympic Committee issued a decision on October 4 to suspend Mortada Mansour from practicing any sporting activity for a period of 4 years and to invite members of the General Assembly of the Zamalek Club to hold an association to elect a new president for the club, based on the existence of violations committed by Mansour – according to the committee’s decision.


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