World boxing champion Garcia gets involved in scandal with ‘TikTok’ star



World boxing champion Garcia gets involved in a scandal with a star

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American boxing world champion Ryan Garcia was involved in a scandal with TikTok star Mallu Trivjo in a video clip spread on social networking sites.

Ryan Garcia, 20, who and his girlfriend Derya Selena, is waiting for their baby, in The video clip takes an intimate shot With “Tik Tok” star Malo Trevejo, 18, near the restaurant “N10″, owned by ex-Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero in Los Angeles.

After the video spread, Derya Selena, a friend of the world champion, commented on her Instagram page: “He told me that he had training before the fight, and I went to visit my family. Here I see this video on Instagram. Seven weeks after the arrival of the newborn, it remained This disgusting is just as disgusting as it was. He doesn’t even see his daughter Riley from a former girl. Ryan is a terrible, evil man. ”

“The Sun” newspaper quoted Ryan Garcia, world champion who has not yet tasted the bitterness of defeat, in response to the accusations, saying: “This is my personal life, and I will not talk about it anymore,” explaining that he has no emotional relationship with Derya Selena, although he tried Improve relationships with her.

Ryan Garcia, 22, has scored 20 victories (17 of them by knockout) during his professional career so far, without suffering any defeat.

The American champion will fight his next fight against British boxer Luke Campbell, on December 5th.

And Maria Luisa “Malu Trevejo” is a dancer, songwriter and Latin American-Cuban pop singer, who gained her fame through social media (Instagram and Tik Tok), and resides in Miami, USA.

Malu Trevejo was born, on October 15, 2002, in the Cuban capital, Havana, to a Cuban mother and a Spanish father, and shortly after her birth, she moved with her parents to Madrid, where she lived for 12 years, and then to Miami.

Initially, she became famous on Instagram with more than 5 million followers, and a musician user with two million fans. On September 22, 2017, she released her song entitled “Luna Lina” through world music for Latin entertainment. This song gained more than 85 million views. And not long after that, she released the song “In My Mind” and garnered over 10 million views.

In April 2018, she appeared in a collaboration with English pop singer “HRVY” called “Hasta Luego” which garnered more than 45 million views.

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