“World Health”: The “Corona” virus is stable … and there is no magic solution to address the pandemic


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The World Health Organization expert, Dr. Maria van Kikov, confirmed that the Corona virus is very stable and there are no mutations so far.

Dr. Maria indicated, in the organization’s press conference on the spread of the new Corona virus, on Monday evening at the organization’s headquarters in Geneva, that there is a working group specialized in following up this matter since last January, and the organization is studying how the virus has changed and whether there are mutations in it that can be identified in the exams.

In response to journalists’ questions about the significant increase in the number of Coronavirus infections in Europe in recent days, the expert said that all European countries had succeeded in controlling the virus at the height of its spread last April, and it could do so again by identifying hotspots of the virus and defining measures That can be used and the tools available to address it.

She stressed that the health ban on contacts is very important, otherwise everyone will need to be isolated, expressing her hope that the countries will not be forced to take measures of complete closure again.

In the same context, Dr.Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’s emergency program, said that anticipating the virus by taking the necessary measures is very important in order to control any outbreak or increase in numbers, pointing out that the problem is in European countries with the current high number of infections. It is that the countries are located within a grouping of economic integration, which makes it difficult to take a coherent approach among this number of countries, indicating that the matter may require some measures regarding movement or staying at home.

While the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tadros Adhanom, confirmed, at the press conference, that there is no magic solution to address the Corona pandemic, pointing out that people have become bored and tired from the long period until now of the spread of the virus.

And Tadros added: “Despite this, you should never surrender to the virus … Children can go to schools and keep shops open, but this is within the framework of preventive measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and other measures known to all peoples now,” noting that fighting the virus It depends on the efforts of governments as well as the understanding of every person in society that they have a role to play in this regard.

In response to journalists’ questions, Dr. Tadros said that there is already concern about what is known as vaccination nationalism or a country’s monopoly over a vaccine that it has to be for the sake of its people only. On countries in this facility.

Tadros said that giving some people the vaccine in all countries instead of vaccinating all people in one country is the approach that everyone must believe in because it will help save lives and protect livelihoods in many countries, stressing that this implementation of this requires strong political leaders to convince Citizens that sharing the vaccine is for everyone’s benefit.

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