Yasmine Sabry defends the new Arabic .. Enjoying our Lord’s livelihood is not a shame


Actress Yasmine Sabry spoke through her dialogue with the journalist Lamees Al-Hadidi during the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival and said that fame is a mixture of different things and that the famous person must be as much as the lights that he is on or move away in case he is unable.

Yasmine Sabry defends the New Arabia with the media Lamees Al-Hadidi:

While the artist, Yasmine Sabry, ruled out that the public’s talk about her on the social media pages and social networking sites is about defending her to move away from the communication sites or about reducing her appearance on them.

Also, even if some consider that what you post on social media is a form of bragging, the artist Yasmine Sabry added that she did not suddenly reach fame, but with her fame gradually achieved, she began to become more powerful.

Also, the artist Yasmine Sabry understood that a famous person is more likely to be a subject of people’s conversations and everyone has his opinion while he is free about it. She cannot control the opinions of the public, but she feels at peace about this fact and also about the shares of a person who made himself. It is not a shame for a person to enjoy what he earned God.


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