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While the world is still in the grip of a global pandemic that separates us from our families and friends, this pandemic exacerbates existing anxiety and fears about the world around us and refuses to provide us with certainty, and this is what makes October 10, 2020 – today World Mental Health An awareness day is more important than ever.

For anyone with psychological difficulties, there are many resources on the Internet, and as always, don’t be afraid to see a doctor.

If you’ve already taken steps to get support and help, go ahead. One of the tools that you might find useful is those you follow on Instagram. Although social media does not always go hand in hand with positive mental health, it can also be used as a source for reading quotes, advice, and guidance on mental health.

For example, the number of followers of a book author is shown Self-development The extent to which people value practical advice, quotes, reassuring words and encouragement when taking these steps to overcome mental illness.

Inspirational words

In this report, we review some favorite quotes about mental health that are sure to remind you of how strong you are. She British.

1- From Matt Haig’s account

“You are not the bad feelings in your head. You are not the storm running in. You are the one who experiences this storm. You may be knocked out by the storm one time. But you will rise again. The weather will improve or you will find shelter. Just hang on well.”

The best-selling author succeeded in garnering a large number of readers after publishing his first book, Reasons To Stay Alive In which he discusses his experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Haig regularly shares quotes that those with depression, anxiety, or related mental health problems are likely to find reassuring and reassuring, given the way Haigh upset his life.

2- Matt Haigh

“Recently, I have come to see my anxiety less like a disease and more like an injury that may be exacerbated when I no longer take care of myself. It reminds me of the need to give myself the rest that I deserve. It reminds me to put my metaphorical foot on my metaphorical sofa to give it a rest.”

3- Matt Haig

Remember: feeling out of time does not mean that you do not have time. Feeling ugly does not mean that you are ugly. Feeling anxious does not mean that you need to be anxious. Feeling not having achieved enough does not mean that you have not achieved enough. Feeling that you are missing things that do not It makes you less complete. ”

4- My Gurls Talk account

“You are stronger than thoughts of anxiety.”

Model Do Poos digital platform Gurls Talk provides support, advice and resources for young women. The platform regularly shares quotes Psychological health Whether who performed herself or from other artists, like this one by Katie Cruz.

5- Gurls Talk

“Resist your desire to give up on healing attempts, just because it happens slowly.”

6- Talk Space

Note to myself: This feeling will not last forever.

TalkSpace is an American virtual psychotherapy organization, and it regularly shares tips, quotes, and directions on its Instagram page. Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel had highlighted the stage before when they celebrated Mental Health Day on Instagram in 2019.

7- TalkSpace

“Take a deep breath. Rest your jaw. Relax your shoulders.”

8- OCD Action

“You are stronger than OCD.”

In addition to large and comprehensive mental health organizations, there are many smaller and more focused charities to help with specific psychological conditions as well. For example, OCD Action and Anxiety UK.

9- Charlie Cox

“Your mind is biased against you, and your thinking has become blind. But within you you still have a repository of strength that you should look for.”

Charlie is a writer and poet, and much of her work focuses on mental health and fighting stigma caused by mental illness.

10- Black Minds Matter UK

“There is no harm in saying no if you feel that your psychological ability is not at its best.” ⁠

This page was established after the death of George Floyd amid growing concern about the mental health of black people in light of recent incidents of discrimination, racism and violence towards blacks.

11- Adrian Michael Green

“It is okay if you are having a bad day in terms of mental health, or a bad day in general, or a day when you have difficulty looking at yourself in the mirror, a day when your feelings are disturbed, or a day when you feel that your mood is not the best.

But it is not acceptable: to hate yourself one day. And to criticize yourself so harshly and think that you are not able to be better.

It’s normal to go through moments of chaos and tangle of ideas. It is about your ability to cope with adversity, not live with it. And on the days when you feel that things are not going right, give yourself a great deal of love. Give yourself a break. You are a beautiful person. Remember that”.

Entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker Adrian Michael Greene regularly posts quotes on mental health on his platform as well.

12- Oprah Winfrey

“See how many times I have felt anxious and upset, and now you are here. You managed to get over it. You will succeed in the future and be well.”

Opera is simply opera, and it always knows the best.

13- The Latest Kate

“Just because you are suffering now does not mean that you will always suffer.”

The Latest Kate account publishes drawings of cute animals with helpful mental health quotes.

14- Nikita Gill

“I am very afraid of failing the people I love, and I often forget that I am someone I love too. I need kindness as much as I think the people I love need that too.”

Written by Nikita Gill

Belfast-based poet and writer, she ranks as one of Instagram’s most popular poets. Her work is often aimed at empowering and advancing girls and women.

15- Quotes By Christie

“Nothing is permanent in this crazy world, not even our problems.” Charlie Chaplin.

This talented graphic designer takes wonderful quotes from everyone, from Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe, through health professionals, and turns them into lifelike art images. Simple quotes that are good to read while surfing the social networks on a bad day.

16- Quotes By Christie

“You didn’t travel that far in vain.” Unknown

17- Quotes By Christie

“Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year long.” Unknown

18- Glennon Doyle

“You are not an anarchist person. You are a person of deep emotion in a chaotic world.”

Glennon Doyle from the book The Untamed

Glennon Doyle is the author of several best-selling memos and has a wide audience. In the diary, she spoke candidly about her experiences in her youth with addictions and eating disorders.

19- Glennon Doyle

“I look at your pain, and I find it great. But I also look at your courage, and find it greater. Yes, you can do difficult things.” Glennon Doyle

20- Have A Nice Dayy

“Don’t get caught up in things that you cannot control.”

This illustrator uses inspirational quotes and messages in her artwork.

21- Remi Sade

“The grass on the other side is not always greener. You are the grass. Water yourself.” Remy Sade

Writer, activist, radio presenter and mother, Remy Sade regularly shares quotes from her writing to remind black women of their self-worth.

22- All On The Board

“In case no one told you today how special you are, we will. You are special. Yes we mean you. Keep on being you.”

Anonymous creators – and former YouTube employees – regularly post great quotes on the popular Instagram account, All On The Board, to mitigate negative thoughts their followers may face.

23- All On The Board

“He will not eat me, nor will he defeat me. It does not mean that he lives with me that he completes my existence.”

“These words are for everyone who has a chronic illness, an invisible disease, a perceived or invisible disability, problems with their mental or physical health.

As difficult as it is, please know that although you have the disease, it does not have you. ”

24- Dr. Jane Hardy

“Don’t neglect the small steps you take on the way to your betterment. They count, too.” Jane Hardy

Psychologist Dr. Jane Hardy posts quotes that are helpful for anyone struggling with mental health issues and on the road to recovery.


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