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Your European Morning is a daily morning report that monitors the distinguished visitors of Yallakora, the most prominent headlines that came in the top of the major European newspapers, whether German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.

The English Press

Daily Mail

Neymar gets close to Pele

Neymar approached Pele’s number in the list of historical goals for his country after surpassing Ronaldo.

Neymar raised his score to 64 goals, while Pele is still the top scorer, with 77 goals.

Return rejected

Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger revealed his refusal to return Dutchman Robin van Persie to the London club.

Van Persie moved to Manchester United to put an end to his career with Arsenal and win the title with his new team, but when he asked to return to Arsenal, Wenger refused.

Traveling despite Corona

Cristiano Ronaldo traveled from Portugal to Italy, despite his infection with Corona, through a medically equipped private plane.

Ronaldo is trying to overcome the Corona hurdle during the next few period in order to appear with his team in the Champions League.

Spanish Press


The new Asensio arrives

Real Madrid player Marco Asensio stated that he has returned to football with a new mentality after overcoming the injury he suffered in the knee and kept him out of action for a long time.

“During the recovery process, at first I suffered a lot,” Asensio said. “I suffered from pain and injury that completely changed me. Every day I was fighting against myself, to try to improve, and every day is a different goal, because if it didn’t happen it was a step back.”


Crisis in Barca

Barcelona accepts an internal crisis due to the tendency to reduce all salaries by 30% for all club members, including players as well.

The club deals with the reduction of the salary as an emergency and it is expected that it will be implemented within 3 weeks only, whether or not it is agreed upon between all parties.


Special mission for Dembele

Osman Dembele kept training on a daily basis during the international break in order to implement a special training program assigned to him by Ronald Koeman.

Koman assigned the player to undergo special training in order to reach a good state of readiness after returning from an injury that deprived the team of its efforts for a long time, as the goal in the first is to restore the player to his level and then rely on him.


Barcas plan for the return of the masses

Barcelona presented a plan to the authorities for the return of the masses, including the appearance of a thousand fans against Ferencvarushi, then 10 thousand against Dynamo Kiev, and 25 thousand against Juventus.

Barcelona seeks to bring the fans back to the matches gradually, and the plan includes the necessity of compulsory wearing of a mask inside the stadium, and the distribution of sterilization devices inside the stands to clean hands.

The French Press

France Football

Toxic work environment and accusations of sexual assault

The French Football Association has witnessed a toxic work environment and multiple complaints of sexual assault by its executives.

France Football published an investigation by the New York Times, during which it confirmed that the current successes in the French national team hide the defect within the Football Association, so that Noel Le Graet, President of the French Federation, was forced to call an external advisor to deal with this crisis.


Matches continue despite the ban

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, imposed a curfew in 8 French cities starting from nine in the evening until six in the morning, starting on October 17th.

However, this will not prevent France from holding any matches, provided that they are held without a public presence, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus again.

German Press


Rudiger is fighting

German Antonio Rudiger has confirmed that he will fight for a key place in the ranks of Chelsea with coach Frank Lampard.

Rudiger has played a key role in the German national team, the last five matches, while he has not played a single minute with the Blues this season.

Rudiger confirmed that he had rejected offers from Barcelona, ​​InterWC Milan, Tottenham and Rome to stay within the Chelsea ranks.


Germany without a striker like Klose

Bayern Munich coach Hans Flick believes that Germany is suffering in the center of the striker, after a 3-3 draw against Switzerland.

Flick himself and his teammates coached in the Bundesliga for not taking out a striker who plays for the national team: “I don’t see a real striker in the German market, there are Gnabry and Werner but they are not pivotal strikers, and if Miroslav Klose has trained for 6 weeks, he may play again, but I need him in the coaching staff.” .

The Italian Press

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Napoli penalty

The Italian League signed a penalty against Napoli by deducting a point for failing to play the Juventus match, for breaching the stipulated protocol.
The League also considered the Napoli club losing 3-0 in the Juventus match.

Futbol Italy

Ronaldo is back

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Turin from Lisbon, after he was infected with the Corona virus.

Ronaldo arrived in Turin by private medical plane, to complete his health isolation at his home.

Mayoral: Zidane wanted me to stay

Borja Mayoral, the Italian Roma player, confirmed that Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, wanted him to stay in the team.

Mayoral said: “Real Madrid wanted me to stay, but they let me go in the end, and they listened to Zidane, who wanted me to stay, but in the end I decided to leave to get a greater chance to participate.”


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