YouTube app gets new signals and controls


The YouTube application got new signals and playback controls, and the site added an update for the phone with some new features that would make watching and controlling videos easier, and the biggest update is a new signal to enable or disable a full-screen video, instead of pressing the button, you will now be able From swiping up in the video window to entering full screen mode and scrolling down to returning to the standard player page.

According to the “verge” site, these signals will only work when swiping on the operating window itself, so there is no problem with confusing them with the scroll signals to exit applications on both iOS and Android.

There are also a few new buttons in the video player, as there is now a new caption switch appearing directly in the menu, along with the toggle to turn on or off automatic video playback.

You can also tap the duration of a video to switch between displaying the amount of time elapsed in a video and the time remaining.

The updated apps also feature an expanded version of the video chapters feature that YouTube has developed over the past few months, and currently there is a new menu view that shows all video chapters, including a preview thumbnail, which is kind of like a DVD menu.

YouTube also adds a new set of “suggested actions,” which are small prompts that will recommend users to rotate their phones from portrait to landscape, or use a VR headset for a better experience in watching a video.

It is worth noting that YouTube will add more suggested actions in the future as well.


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