Zamalek begins the era of Pacheco with a victory over the Egyptian


Zamalek began his new era with Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco by defeating Al-Masry 1-0 during the match that was held today, Thursday, in the 31st round of the Egyptian WE League, at El Geish Stadium in Burj Al Arab.

Zamalek raised his score to 61 points – 3 points were deducted due to the withdrawal in front of Al-Ahly – and was able to protect the second place from Pyramids, his closest stalker.

Al-Masry stopped at 33 points in the 14th place and has two postponed games, 3 points behind the Border Guard, the closest landing center.

Match events

Al-Masry started attacking and after only 11 seconds, Mahmoud Wadi managed to play a great header, but Muhammad Abu Jabal managed to turn it into a corner.

The match did not witness any lull since the beginning of the events, and after the quick start from Al-Masry, Zamalek began to press strongly on Al-Masry in the middle of its stadium with attempts to play on the counter-attacks by the Port Said team.

A new dangerous opportunity arose by Mahmoud Wadi in the 12th minute of the match, after receiving a cross from the right side with a wonderful header that Mahmoud Al-Wanch removed from the front of the goal line.

Zamalek won a penalty kick in the 15th minute of the match, after returning to video technology, due to the presence of a handball on the Egyptian defender, who stopped the cross of Kasongo Kabongo.

Mahmoud Alaa took a penalty kick and was able to advance to Zamalek in the 17th minute of the match, after aiming the ball on the right side of the goalkeeper, who went to the left.

Amin Omar returned to the video in order to cancel a penalty kick that was awarded to Zamalek defender Mahmoud Alaa due to the handball in the 27th minute.

Ferjani Sassi was sent off directly in the 36th minute after he said verbally against the referee of the match, Amin Omar, so the Tunisian player raised his hand towards the referee.

Amin Omar awarded a penalty kick in favor of Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” due to a push from Al-Masry’s defender in the 45 + 2 minute, and Mahmoud Alaa took the kick, but it rebounded off the post.

Zamalek made a substitution at the start of the second half with the participation of Imam Ashour, instead of Kabongo Kasungu, in order to support the midfield affected by the dismissal of Ferjani Sassi.

Al-Masry played with great pressure on the defenses of Zamalek, who tried to retreat back and rely on counterattacks, and Muhammad Abu Jabal brilliantly defended the Zamalek goal by confronting the sources of danger that always came from the Palestinian Mahmoud Wadi.

Austin Amoto suffered a severe injury in the 80th minute after he fell to the ground after hitting Mahmoud Alaas head, and was unable to complete the match due to his lack of awareness.

Ahmed Masoud confronted a dangerous opportunity from Zamalek in the 89th minute, the first in the second half, after Ashraf Bencharki was alone with Al-Masry goalkeeper and hit a ball that the goalkeeper excelled in facing.

Although 9 minutes were counted instead of lost time, there were no events mentioned, but the end of the match witnessed disagreements between Imam Ashour and Al Masry.


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