Zamalek doctor reveals the size of Abdul-Ghani and Hazem Imam’s injury


Dr. Muhammad Osama, head of the medical staff of the club’s first football team, revealed that Hazem Imam and Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, the Zamalek duo, underwent x-rays during the past hours to check on them after the injuries that the duo suffered in the last Wadi Degla match in the Premier League.

Osama confirmed that Hazem Imam suffers from a slight strain in the front muscle and is currently undergoing rehabilitative training, to prepare him for the next one, while Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, the x-rays proved that he suffers from a broken nose, and accordingly a protective mask was installed at the place of injury for the player to participate in training and matches, and will not cause Abdul The rich man has any disability in his presence with the team, and he will perform some treatment sessions naturally as well, as he has already participated in the exercises naturally.

Zamalek is preparing to face Haras al-Hodoud team in round 33 of the Premier League, which will be held next Monday evening in Alexandria.

The group training today witnessed the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, technical director of the club’s first football team, a lengthy technical session with the players before the start of the training session at the Abdullatif Abu Rujaila Stadium, and Pachecos keenness to clarify certain technical matters that occurred during the previous meeting in front of the Tigris Valley .

The Portuguese coach conveyed through Hosni Khattab, the team’s translator, in the presence of his two coaches, Medhat Abdel Hadi and Costa, all the technical comments, whether positive or negative, for the players, calling for a strong focus to avoid the mistakes made in the previous meeting, as well as providing the best in the coming period, and the coach assured the players of His confidence in everyone and that they are making the utmost effort, given the pressure of matches, as well as his confidence in their ability to withstand difficulties and face all challenges with strength. .

At the end of the session, everyone pledged to make the utmost effort during the next important period, and that they are all at the heart of one man. They have a higher goal, which is to always win and crown champions .

Zamalek is preparing to face Guards El Hodoud the day after tomorrow in the 33rd round of the League, and the team travels after the match to Morocco to play the Moroccan Raja match in the semi-final matches of the African Champions League.


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