Zamalek faces Masr Club in the Round of 8 of the Cup after the elimination of Smouha


Zamalek will meet with Masr Club, in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup, after overcoming the Smouha hurdle in the round of 16 of the cup competitions, after Zamalek club succeeded in qualifying for the 8th round of the Egypt Cup after beating its counterpart Smouha with two goals against a goal in the match that brought them together today Ali Ismailia Stadium, after the two teams resorted to extra time, where the original time of the match ended with a positive draw 1/1, before Ahmed Sayed Zizou scored the winning goal for Zamalek in the 114th minute of the match, to face Zamalek, his counterpart, Club Egypt in the 8th round of the tournament.

The first extra half of the match ended in a 1/1 draw, which is the same result that the match time ended the originalSmouha Salah Mohsen scored a goal in the 55th minute and tied against Ashour in the 80th minute, and Mahmoud Alaa wasted a penalty kick for Zamalek, and Zizou scored the goal of Zamalek’s victory in the 114th minute in the second additional half of the match.

The last minutes revealed that Zamalek players are the most dangerous over the course of the half, and Zamalek players tried to score after imposing control over the midfield area and possessing the ball, but Smouhas players succeeded in imposing the defensive method on Zamalek players.

Ahmed Sayed Zizou, a player from Zamalek, almost scored the first goal for Zamalek through a strong header, but it passes over the crossbar, and the game subsides relatively after Zizou’s header, and the ball continues in the middle of the stadium without danger to the goals and the match ruling was canceled by a goal scored by Mahmoud Alaa.

Zamalek tried to score a goal through successive attacks on the Alexandrian team’s goal, but to no avail, so Tariq Magdy blew the whistle at the end of the first half with a goalless draw.

With the beginning of the second half, Al-Abyadh continued to put pressure on El Hani Suleiman and the match was stopped to treat the Smouha goalkeeper, and Mustafa Fathi, the Zamalek player, fell on the pitch after a strong intervention from Mahmoud Abdel Halim, a Smouha player, and the play stopped before being resumed again.

After a period of retreat, Smouha appeared after he gave up his defensive guard and scored a wonderful goal “Loeb” against Zamalek in the 55th minute, and Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, made two changes at once, outside Mustafa Fathi and Mohamed Mohsen from Zamalek, with the participation of Mustafa Mohamed and Imam Ashour.

Salah Mohsen, the Smouha striker, was injured. He left the stadium and took part instead of Sherif Reda. Elhamy Soliman responded to a powerful shot from Mustafa Mohamed, and the Zamalek players called for a penalty kick after the ball touched the “hand” of Ahmed Gamal, the Smouha player. Mahmoud Alaa, and the most famous referee was a yellow card for Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player, for the roughness with Nasser Maher.

Zamalek started the match by forming a component of: Muhammad Abu Jabal, Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Al-Wansh and Abdullah Jumaa, in the defense line, Tariq Hamed, Muhammad Hassan, Ahmed Zizou, Youssef Obama, Mustafa Fathi, Kasungu, and the bench came in Zamalek as follows: “Mahmoud Jensh, Imam Ashour, Mustafa Muhammad, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, Ahmed Eid, Islam Jaber, Omar Al-Saeed, Muhammad Antar, Karim Bambo. ”Imam Ashour was placed on the bench, as a source in the Football Association revealed that he could participate in front of Smouha today naturally without problems For not informing the Football Association of Zamalek with a ban for the period of a match officially until now.

Meanwhile, Smouhas team started the match by forming a component of: Goalkeeper: Al Hani Suleiman, Defense line: Rajab Nabeel, Ahmed Jamal, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Mohamed Al Tarhouni, Midfield: Ahmed Homs, Mohamed Halimo, Nasser Maher, Derek Nsibambi, offensive line: Salah Mohsen, Hossam Hassan.


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