Zamalek’s victory did not help him over Raja .. Details of Ahmed Mortada Mansour’s loss in the parliamentary elections


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A big surprise was witnessed in the House of Representatives elections in the first district in Giza, with Ahmed Mortada Mansour losing in the first round in the elections and winning only 16,613 votes, especially as it is the same district that witnessed his success in the 2015 elections, after a great competition with Dr. Amr El Shobaki.

Ahmed Mortada’s loss comes days after the Olympic Committee’s decision to suspend his father Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, for a period of 4 years and a fine of 100,000 pounds, and only one day after a video was circulated on social networking sites, advertising banners and pictures of the president of Zamalek club, and the candidate for Department of “Mit Ghamr”, Dakahlia Governorate.

The victory of Zamalek Club against Moroccan Raja in the semi-finals of the African Champions and its close to reaching the final to meet the Al-Ahly club, did not prevent the candidate Ahmed Mortada Mansour, as his supporters tried during the last period to exploit this matter in his propaganda, but the attempts failed after losing the elections.

Ahmad Mortada appeared in front of the committees in the Dokki area, accompanied by a number of “Budi Jaradat” during the voting process, inspecting the committees, which sparked the dissatisfaction of some voters present in the committees during the voting.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Mortada was competing in those elections with the symbol of the missile, and the constituency witnessed the victory of MP Muhammad Abu Al-Anin, and the loss of Deputy Abdul Rahim Ali and Ahmed Mortada Mansour, and the General Committee announced the results of the elections for the first constituency, as the number of voters who cast their votes reached 174 thousand and 621 votes, of whom 19 A thousand and 315 valid votes, and 155 thousand and 306 valid votes.

MP Muhammad Abu Al-Ainain received 125,758 votes, Zaki Abbas Abdel Zahir on 83995, Montaser Riyad Hajjaj on 29487, Abdel Rahim on 19756, Sherif Barakat Ahmed 1488, Marwa Saeed Fawzi Al-Tahawi 2570, Hoda Adly Al Mallah 2405, Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud 3407, and Mervat Ibrahim Ghanem 2430, Rajab Ahmad 3988, Ahmad Samir Muhammad 6837, Ahmed Majdi 1215, Nasser Farouk Abdel Hamid 1801, Mustafa Muhammad Morsi 900, Usama Abdullah Saleh 999, Rehab Mahmoud Othman 5425, Ahmed Mortada Mansour 16613

The head of the committee also announced that the National List for Egypt got 132,779 votes, while Egypt’s Call List got 22527 votes.

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