Ziad Boughatt is differentiating between 3 clubs in the Egyptian League


Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, the representative of Tunisian Ziad Boughatas, the player of the coastal sports star and the Tunisian national team, confirmed that the player will arrive in Cairo next week to sign for one of the top clubs in the Egyptian League, after receiving more than one offer from popular clubs in the league.

The player’s agent said, in statements to the seventh day, that the player is currently choosing between 3 offers from major clubs in the Egyptian League, but he has not decided his next destination completely until this moment, adding, “The player will come to Cairo accompanied by Maysa Al-Sharif and his agent in Tunis next Tuesday at the latest. Appreciation, “stressing that the player has two offers through which one is from Saudi cooperation and the other is from Kuwaiti Kuwait, but he preferred to play in the Egyptian League.

The player’s agent confirmed that he is about to finish all the procedures for entering Cairo as soon as he receives the visa from the Egyptian embassy in Tunis next Sunday, explaining that Boughattas performed the Corona swab and completed all the preventive and precautionary measures required before his arrival in Cairo..

For his part, Ziad Boughatt affirmed that he prefers to play in the Egyptian League at the present time after consulting his colleagues Ferjani Sassi, Ali Maaloul and Hamdi Al-Naqaz, indicating that he is currently working on a comparison between the three Egyptian offers to choose the most suitable for him technically, especially since he ended the financial agreements with the three clubs and there are no There are any differences in it, but he considers his professionalism in the Egyptian league from a technical point of view only, and the extent to which they add to it .


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