200 meters … when cinema is the last outlet for survival – Khaled Mahmoud


Posted on: Saturday 31 October 2020 – 9:05 PM | Last update: Saturday 31 October 2020 – 9:05 PM

It seems that Palestinian cinema has become the last outlet, and the only and most prominent voice in the battle to defend the cause of a homeland whose people have despaired of politicians’ miserable attempts at self-determination, but filmmakers have not despaired, clinging to their weapons of resistance in order to survive as human beings, and for this we see from time to time a movie that constitutes a slap On the face of the silent humanity towards the tearing apart of the large family, and its dismantling from its roots, I watched the film “200 meters” by the young director Amin Nayfa, on the screen of the El Gouna Festival, which won two awards for Cinema for Humanity, and starred Ali Suleiman, who also won the award for best actor.

The film deals with an elaborate and smooth scenario of a complex issue, through the story of a Palestinian family separated by the Israeli Apartheid Wall, where Father Mustafa – who is embodied by Solomon – became a construction worker who lives with his mother on the Palestinian side of the West Bank, and behind the wall that Israel built in 1994, His wife “Salwa” – who embodies her cycle, Lana Zureik – and his children live in occupied territories under Israeli authority.

“Mustafa” refuses to obtain the permit that allows him to live in Israel with his wife and children, believing that this legitimizes the Green Line, so he prefers to use his work permit to cross, but events escalate to see how the racism of the occupation prevents this family from being reunited. Al-Ayyam One of his sons enters the hospital, and the father tries to reach him to check on him, and then he has to find a way to cross the wall, but he needs to travel on the run on a journey that extends to two hundred kilometers, while he is only 200 meters from his son.

The value of the film lies in the realism of its distinctive image during the journey in search of solutions, and the dazzling performance of its hero, actor Ali Suleiman, who insisted on going to his family and standing next to his son, despite being prevented from crossing the checkpoint and reaching the other side of the wall, and his emotions were very impressive, and its director and writer is honest. Nayfeh was able to impose himself in his first experience with feature films, after she was excited by the producer, Mai Odeh, heralding the birth of a promising director in the future. The state of confusion that afflicted the viewer throughout the difficult road trip, which is the reality that Palestinians live every day and cannot be bypassed according to the director’s testimony, and this is the message of the film as he conveyed the suffering of families with all the ups and downs they witness and characters, and he worked on the film for seven years and relied on stories True to Palestinian families suffering from the presence of the wall, including the story of his own family.

One of the striking things about “200 meters” is that there are Palestinians of all stripes, the hero and the vanquished, the perpetrator and the victim, the good and the bad, as he provided models for those who try to benefit from the misery of others and make money.

Like those in the crazy cadre asking for money to be allowed to cross the wall, and maybe it’s not just about smugglers, but symbolism about the bigger picture of what is happening today.

You also see the good Jewish character presented by the work who dissolves into a group of people trying to cross the wall and help them and she is the character of the German documentary filmmaker “Anna Unterberger”. I think it is not a touch or the end of Hollywood, but a clever attempt and a message to the Israelis themselves to do the right thing and act like human beings they truly believe. The other in life.

The film, which established the principle that life reflects art, revealed how painful and continuous realism can form a seed for a real cinema industry, as happened in “200 meters”, which is considered one of the best Palestinian films that talk about the issue at the level of idea, development of the script and its good professional image, and how it appeared without Meaning that the situation is complicated, and that Palestine that we have seen is a captive state. Checkpoints are everywhere. You cannot travel or do anything without the approval of the Israeli authorities.


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