5 benefits of peanuts … the most prominent of which is cancer prevention


Peanuts have many health benefits, such as losing weight, reducing cholesterol and even treating cancer.Peanuts are known to be a very healthy snack and have many health benefits, according to a newspaper report. time now news Here is a list of five scientifically supported health benefits of peanuts for body and mind.

Health benefits of peanuts

Helps lose weight: Peanuts aid in weight loss, as they are full of unsaturated fats, proteins, and fiber, all of which increase satiety. This means that you will stay longer without overeating later, and the result is reduced energy consumption and thus less weight. Boiled peanuts can be more beneficial for weight loss than roasted or raw peanuts because the former contain fewer calories..

Lowers cholesterol: Eating peanuts and peanut oil and their rich levels of unsaturated fats reduces harmful cholesterol, and as a result, the risk of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular problems decreases..

Skin health: unsaturated fatty acids have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and these fats protect the skin from sun damage, reduce the risk of wrinkles and sunspots even as they protect collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts With more collagen, fine lines become less visible..

Prevents cancer: Peanuts are a good complementary food in the treatment of various types of cancer, peanuts contain compounds called phytosterols that have anti-cancer properties, especially against breast, colon and prostate cancer. Eating peanuts or products made from it may reduce the growth of cancer cells. In women with colorectal cancer.

Treating arthritis: Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition, but thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of peanuts, joint pain can be reduced. The niacin in peanuts also improves arthritis symptoms with increased joint mobility, and peanuts are a good natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs.


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