6 Tips for Boosting Your Smartphone Network .. Try it


The network signals on your smartphone are very important, as they not only affect your ability to make phone calls, but also to send text messages and even connect to the Internet when you are away from a network. Wi-FiTherefore, the “Business Insider” site provided tips to boost signals, as a combination of factors can affect your ability to keep your phone connected, so here are 6 things you can do to troubleshoot and improve signal:

Exit behind the elements blocking the signal:

Cellular signals are easily blocked, so if you find that the signal is weak, the solution to the problem might be as simple as moving outside.

Restart it:

If you suspect there is a problem, turn on and off Airplane Mode on your phone, and restart the phone completely.

Change your location:

Even if you are outside, tall buildings and large bodies of water can block the signals, so move to a different location or move to higher ground.

Remove clipboard:

It’s possible that your phone case is interfering with the signal so if you recently got a new case and noticed a drop in network signal on your phone, take the phone out of it and see if that improves your phone’s signal.

Update settings:

If you have an iPhone, it is possible that the cellular service provider has updated its settings, and you need to update the phone network operator settings to take advantage of them, and to verify, make sure you have a good connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) Then start the Settings application, then press “General” then “About”, and if an update is available, install it.

Don’t let your battery run too low:

If the battery gets too low, your phone automatically goes into low power mode, which may allocate less power to the phone network, and if you’re having trouble connecting, charge your phone – and you can do things like lower screen brightness and make the screen sleep faster to extend battery life all day long. .


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