8 symptoms that will tell you that you have lung cancer, not Corona virus


Newspaper reported the sun There are thousands of patients with lung cancer whose lives are at risk due to the similarity of their symptoms to the symptoms of the Coronavirus, which contributes to the delay in discovering many cases due to the mixing of symptoms on patients, and thus the delay in diagnosis that affects the treatment journey, according to a new study conducted by the Cancer Alliance Lung in Britain.

The Lung Cancer Alliance in Britain revealed that the symptoms of lung cancer are hidden in the symptoms of Corona, which puts the patient’s life at risk, so the study identified the most prominent symptoms that a lung cancer patient suffers from and differs from the symptoms of the Corona virus:

1- A persistent cough for two to three weeks

2. Infections in the chest area that cause shortness of breath

3. Coughing up blood

4. Feeling pain when breathing or coughing

5. Persistent shortness of breath

6. Constant fatigue and lack of energy

7. Loss of appetite or unexplained weight loss

8. Fingers click

The study also revealed the symptoms of your infection with the Covid 19 virus, which are:

1- Dry cough is an indication that you are infected with the Coronavirus

2. Fever and sudden shortness of breath means that you are infected with the virus

3. Loss of smell and taste

4. Muscle and body pain

5. The emergence of respiratory symptoms suddenly

Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer, as it kills more than 35,300 people annually in Britain.


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