9 pictures that show a sudden change in May Nour Al-Sharif’s look: sport and “piercing”


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Mai Nour Sharif

Actress Mai Nour al-Sharif, daughter of actress Bossi, and the late artist Nour al-Sharif, lost much of her weight, which made her look completely different from what she was used to previously, as her gracefulness became remarkable, and impressed her fans and followers, especially on social networking sites, whether “Instagram”. , or Facebook”.

Mai is keen to share with the audience and followers pictures and snapshots of her daily life, the last of which was her appearance on the birthday of Thursday, the husband of Sarah, her sister, in a short black dress that showed her grace, and she shared the photos with her followers and fans via “Instagram”.

And Mai Nour Al-Sharif, before wearing a red dress, showed how she lost a lot of weight, and in one of the morning outings she appeared with “Persing”, to turn into a “model”, after she had suffered throughout her life from a great weight gain.

Mai Nour Al-Sharif also publishes pictures of her from the gym, “the gym”, while she is practicing yoga, which impressed her fans and followers, and the pictures showed the great transformation in her appearance.

Among the public’s comments on her pictures were: “God willing, I missed you very much,” and “The rest of me is a moon and your mother resembled my boss after you lost me,” and my sweetness is very much after you have lost me and the rest of me is like the moon, and “Go on like this oh Mai” And “How are you left? I am sure, but you have to continue.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Mai Nour Al-Sharif always participates in the memorial of her father, the artist Nour Al-Sharif, and shares old pictures and footage of them through the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”.


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