A $ 3,000 tip for a restaurant that a customer leaves with an unexpected surprise


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A local restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, has received a surprise Christmas holiday as it prepares to voluntarily close due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Owner Brendan Ring told CNN that he was having lunch at his restaurant, when a customer came and left the account at his table, which included a $ 3,000 tip.

Ring said that the “Covid-19” cases were out of control in Ohio, to the point that he decided to voluntarily close his restaurant until January next year.

And the restaurant was somewhat busy on a Sunday with many regular customers attending as it was the last day the restaurant opened its doors before it closed this year, then this man came and went to the bar and asked for a drink, and he said to the manager: “Can I have my bill for my account” ?

Ring then said that the man, who wished to remain anonymous, brought the account to his table and told him to share the tip with the restaurant staff.

Ring added that the man wished them good luck, saying, “Good luck mates, and we will see you when you reopen.”

When Ring looked at the bill for the first time, he thought the tip was $ 300, but after putting on his glasses, he realizes that he missed an extra zero.

The tip was valued at $ 3,000 on a $ 7 bill of account, prompting Ring to run to catch the customer, making sure he hadn’t done anything wrong.

The man confirmed that he intended to leave a tip with this amount, then wished him and the restaurant staff to spend a happy holiday on the occasion of Christmas.

When Ring, who is known for joking with the staff, shared the news with one of the waitresses, she thought he was joking, but when Ring shared the news with another waiter, the waitress realized it was real, and began to cry with joy.

A $ 3,000 tip for a restaurant that closes its doors due to Corona
Brendan Ring holds the generous tip bill Credit: Brendan Ring

There were four waiters working that day, and they each received $ 750 in tip.

“We are all in dire need of uplifting news, and if this is a normal year, it will be just a positive story, but it is a great story because of the circumstances we face this year,” said Ring.


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