A blow from the heavy caliber of Asalas daughter, Yasmine Sabry – watch


Sham Al-Dhahabi, the daughter of the Syrian artist Asala Nasri, surprised the Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, with a gift that she sent her.

The gift of Asala Nasri’s daughter included a large picture of Yasmine Sabry from the opening ceremony of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, accompanied by a bouquet of roses and a romantic message in which she wrote the golden: “To the beautiful Yasmine, your glamor always comes from the inside because you are beautiful from the inside and outside, and you have a clean mind and a clear heart. A valuable soul .. I love you to infinity, my brilliant star.

The gift was admired by Yasmine Sabry, which made her share it with her fans through the “Stories” feature on her official account on the “Instagram” social networking site.

The gift of Asala Nasri’s daughter comes after her mother mocked Yasmine Sabry’s statements at the El Gouna Film Festival regarding resistance to the emerging “Corona” virus.

In response to a question from the “MBC Trending” program broadcast on the “MBC 4” channel about the degree of her fear of the emerging “Corona” virus, Asala Nasri said: “I am never afraid of Corona, I am generally not afraid, I am A person I had things greater than Corona, I do not fear anyone but my Lord, I do not panic, and I do not know that I am.

Then Asala followed the way Yasmine Sabry responded at the festival: “Corona is a stage and transgression, and whoever takes it takes it and survives the strongest.”

Yasmine Sabry confirmed, in statements to the “MBC Trending” program, on the sidelines of her attendance at the opening ceremony of the fourth El Gouna Film Festival, that she continues her life naturally without panicking from her infection with the emerging “Corona” virus.

In defiance of the virus, she said: “I am not obsessed with fear and this is normal, I continue in my life very normal, as for the virus, I may have contracted it and went because it is obvious that it will come to the whole world.


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